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Greater Merseyside Digital Challenge Partner Workshop – 16 th February 2006 a Sponsor’s Perspective Peter Connor North West Regional Manager GM North &

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1 Greater Merseyside Digital Challenge Partner Workshop – 16 th February 2006 a Sponsor’s Perspective Peter Connor North West Regional Manager GM North & Central England, BT Regions

2 The Digital Community A Challenge for the Digital Age

3 ODPM £9m Challenge to drive ICT innovation (BT is a UK partner) Details and programme at April to Dec 2006 10 innovative & collaborative projects in England each to receive £200k enabling funding to develop a fuller Digital Challenge proposal and begin the transformation of their community, with a framework for all local authorities to benefit from the programme Jan 07 to March 2010 National “Digital Community” wins £7m and realises its Challenge Vision

4  Region, City or similar sized area  LA-led Partnership of private, public, community, voluntary interests  Exemplar project for Digital Technologies optimising inclusion, tackling deprivation: achieving social cohesion, economic well-being, quality of life: - Empowerment - Service Transformation - Efficiency  Generating lessons for others, scaling up success The Digital Challenge – Bid Criteria

5  BT partnership support for ICT as a transformational enabler in the delivery of sustainable communities and achieving public value  BT support for Greater Merseyside, NWDA, Intellect briefings Feb-Mar 06. Intellect Seminar Themes closely following Digital Challenge objectives: Sustainable Development Innovative Broadband Content Community Engagement & Practice Education, Learning & Health  BT entry on Digital Challenge Marketplace as organisation interested in providing products and services to entrants. Links to this and associated initiatives on The Digital Challenge – BT engagement

6 a scaleable partnership opportunity …to make a difference To support transformational digital leadership in the Local Authority delivery of sustainable communities and achieving public value To support the creation and delivery of exemplar Digital Community projects To test and refine innovative new approaches and applications in partnership To generate new scaleable and sustainable partnership models for intervention

7 BT partnership priorities for the NW North West to innovate, lead and thrive as a Digital Networked Economy Building upon world-class broadband coverage, helping people to make maximum use of new services Supporting Creation of Innovative ICT Projects to contribute to & showcase business competiveness, improved GDP, greater productivity and healthier communities Closing the Digital Divide by helping to increase ICT & Internet usage Helping to enable the Transformation of Government Services through the creation of “smart” cities & communities with pervasive Broadband Supporting Growth Areas through 21CN deployment

8 Partner Priority Strands for 06-7 Embedding ICT and Broadband in Strand delivery: Peter Connor – BT Regions 16.2.06 Business Learning Public Services Communities 100% Broadband Enablement + Migrating to 21CN Multiple Access Devices and Innovative ICT Products Scaling Take-up Innovative Rich Content Innovative Applications

9 Northwest Regional Economic Strategy 2006 Ministerial Submission December 2005 (NWDA on behalf of NW) Support ICT usage and digital content development Support companies to use and harness the benefits of ICT and digital technologies; and the development of digital content Encourage homeworking and mobile working via ICT usage Develop ICT Infrastructure Continue to grow and develop the ICT infrastructure, particularly in rural areas Community Develop high quality local services: key issues include access for all via the internet, ensuring no digital divide Skills and Education - ICT skills focus ICT Strategy for England’s Northwest NWDA September 2005 ICT & Digital Technologies: NW RES

10 NW Broadband Partnerships and many more partnerships & champions….

11 100% UK coverage near to completion thanks to public and private initiatives 99.9% UK coverage Jan 06 99.99% NW coverage Jan 06 Greater Merseyside and Greater Manchester achieved 100% coverage in partnership in 2004 …2nd only to London UK is the leading nation in G7/G8 for broadband availability ADSL Broadband Availability

12 NW ADSL Broadband Take-up 40% UK population not using internet; 70% SMEs not using broadband

13 Speed Convenience Content, Services, Applications UK Broadband is here Time Today speed is no longer a hindrance ….. Tomorrow, content will be a differentiating factor... Establishment Growth Maturity Relative Level of Importance to Consumers Chasm Innovators 2.5% Early adopters 13.5% Early majority 34% Late majority 34% Laggards 16% Mass MarketingBroad SegmentsMicro Segments Value Added Utility High Low Chasm Source: Strategy Analytics Stages of Broadband Market Development

14 Retaining & serving customers Organisations are increasingly reliant on networked IT services The world around has changed……… we all face new Challenges Profitability

15 A Digital Networked Economy is emerging..

16 A Connected World Connecting people to people, people to systems and business to business, any time, any place, any device….. A Digital Networked Economy

17 BT Adastral Park

18 BT Exact & BT LoBs Strategic Research Broadband Mobility ICT Network Transformation Customer Experience & Systems Broadband Applications CTO Research Centres Ventures Business Support Partner & Supplier Relationship Broadband Applications IT (Infrastructure & Applications) Networks Pervasive ICT Foresight Security Intelligent Systems Asian Mobility Centre External Venturing IPR Licensing Sector Programme Strategic Research IT (Infrastructure & Applications) Networks Pervasive ICT Broadband Applications Foresight Security Mobility Research and Venturing

19 Market pull Technology push Health Government Leisure Entertainment Communications Shopping Education Connecting Your World Completely Business Individuals Communities Security Tourism

20 Digital Inclusion a Government cross-departmental transformational priority “Digital inclusion is not about computers, the internet or even technology; it is about using technology as a channel to improve skills, to enhance quality of life, to drive education and to promote economic well-being across all elements of society.” Andrew Pinder, e-Envoy: ‘Enabling a Digitally United Kingdom’ Cabinet Office Oct 2004 “We are committed to ending the digital divide for families with children by the end of the third term.” Prime Minister: ‘Connecting the UK: the Digital Strategy’ Cabinet Office, March 2005 “The Digital Challenge is about setting the vision for and taking the next bold and radical steps in creating a digitally enabled society. …Success will depend on a highly focussed and effective partnership of private, public, community and voluntary interests. …Success measures will include a tangible demonstration of the power of digital technologies in optimising inclusion and tackling deprivation.” Digital Challenge prospectus, ODPM Dec 2005

21 Digital Inclusion Examples of BT engagement to date  BT CSR campaigns and awards to improve communication skills:  BT Education and volunteering Communication skills for life, BT Schools Awards, Seen & Heard  BT Fundraising Childline’s ‘Am I listening?  Digital Inclusion EverybodyOnline, eWell-Being Awards, BiTC, Work Works, BT Internet Rangers, NetMums, Community Connections, Age Concern (BT CSR) (10 EOL projects) http://www.sustainit.org (eWell-Being Awards 15.3.06 + case studies)  BT people on local community bodies both professionally and personally  BT’s increased engagement in exemplar area-based local digital inclusion projects e.g. Kensington Vision, Liverpool 8 EverybodyOnline

22 Record labels Local news channels Film companies BT Rich Media enables thousands of content publishers to reach millions of people Local football teams Customers Home publishing

23 Kensington Vision, Liverpool


25 An automated intelligent supportive home care system using an array of environmental sensors and a broadband gateway Works with the occupant to help maintain their independence and safety. Liverpool Telecare Pilot

26 Business and Broadband Starting with the bottom line….. a survey from leading analysts, Fletcher Research, showed that small and medium sized businesses could add up to £4.7 billion a year to their bottom line by embracing broadband

27 Connecting the UK: the Digital Strategy “Today the effective use of broadband is the key to improved productivity and economic competitiveness.” CabinetOffice & DTI Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit March 2005

28 Creating the online economy… value of broadband for business Faster access to customers and suppliers Link directly with customers and suppliers for fast ordering and supply management Creating new ways to do business Realise the potential of a quality website to market and sell products and services Lowers the cost of doing business Enables new solutions to help drive operational efficiencies and control costs Employee productivity growth Enabling remote working and enhanced communication services ie video conferencing and increased speed of file transfers New opportunities now easily accessible Offers access to new applications and services not traditionally available to small businesses

29 potential increased revenues of up to 50% using broadband 32% experienced better performance in sales revenues 46% have experienced cost savings by using broadband connectivity 31% of businesses have already experienced growth in sales nearly 80% of the SMEs are forecasting growth in their revenues in near future by utilising Broadband connectivity 72% of the businesses are now utilising Broadband in the procurement process and 36% of them are already experiencing cost savings 75% said that Broadband is helping them in balancing home/work life, with the major benefits including: working from home; more work done than before Broadband connectivity; more spare time than before; reduced travelling; and easy transfer of files. Research by Bolton University on behalf of Bolton partners Bolton SMEs: Broadband benefits

30 Broadband is becoming the standard communications technology for business 83% of broadband users would not go back to dial-up even if it was free


32 Congestion and Broadband report BT partnered with CBI, RAC Foundation and Bradford University Digital high speed communications can play a major role in beating congestion and sustaining the environment People in the North West drove 34.6 billion miles in 2003 Mileages driven in UK are increasing at an average of 2% a year 19% of North West internet users who do not currently work from home would like to …this could reduce commuting mileage by 9% Businesses, Government and individuals should look at how, when and why they travel …... a 6% reduction in UK car and taxi mileage would save 14.5 billion miles a year i.e. equivalent to 17 million cars foregoing a trip from Land’s End to John O’ Groats Report can be downloaded from

33 21 st Century Network Programme delivering the next generation of converged, multimedia communications Unparalleled investment - BT will invest up to £10 billion in the world’s most advanced, innovative next generation network enabling the introduction of new services at a speed that is impossible today Fuelling the UK economy - Putting the UK at the cutting edge of innovation and providing industry with real competitive advantage Deployment is on track - build and rollout planned over the next 5 years Vital to drive broadband take-up now to create immediate solid platform of usage and applications to benefit NW businesses & communities! 21CN will help “futureproof” the North West’s economic growth, driving productivity, innovation, enterprise …supporting economic, social & environmental sustainability in all of our communities.

34 Potential Customer benefits of 21CN FREEDOMSPEEDCONTROL PERSONALISATIONPRODUCTIVITYSIMPLICITY  Any to any device connectivity  Seamless fixed-mobile roaming  High speed access on the move  Easier flexible and remote working  Location agnostic  Greater access speeds  New services made available faster  No waiting for service provision  Service changes made in real time  Self service of new services  Self service of service changes  Flexible bandwidth on demand  Location agnostic  Converged voicemail services  Greater intelligence in the network  Secure access to service and data  Easy home/remote working  Always connected, if you choose  Seamless fixed-mobile roaming  Fast access to DN  Ease of use  Seamless fixed/mobile transfer  Integrated billing

35 BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYINVESTMENTCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE CONNECTED SOCIETYDIGITAL ECONOMYSOCIAL INCLUSION  Will enable the flexible workforce  Seamless access anywhere  Any to any device connectivity  Higher access speeds  Control of service provision/change  Major capital investment programme  Will help attract investment into UK  Will support allied UK innovation  Will attract related skills and employment  Will help British business compete  Enables participation in DNE  Flexibility will help attract skills  Creates a broadband society  Investments for everyone  No rural disadvantage  Broadband access to new ideas and services Supports provision of online education and healthcare Supports e-government  Will help bridge the digital divide  Will enables social inclusion  Will support e-democracy Social & Economic benefits of 21CN

36 Working in partnership, by 2007: –The UK economy could be boosted by up to 7.5 billion pounds through productivity gains attributed to broadband - Centre for Economic and Business Research, CEBR –Up to 16 billion fewer miles could be driven as broadband enables more people to work from home and shop online - Department for Transport, DfT –Every school child in Britain will be able to learn via broadband - Department for Education and Skills, DfES –More than 18 million people in the UK will be shopping online - Verdict on e-retail 2005 –Millions of hospital outpatient appointments will be booked over broadband. NHS The Digital Networked Economy

37 Potential scaleable ICT priorities for Gtr Merseyside Transformational Digital Leadership in the Local Authority delivery of sustainable communities and achieving public value ICT adoption by SMEs Flexible working Digital Inclusion ICT as a Transformational Enabler Joining up…..

38 Thank You

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