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Sharing Know-how at BP AMOCO Hong Qi Goriola Dawodu, Diomede Richard.

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1 Sharing Know-how at BP AMOCO Hong Qi Goriola Dawodu, Diomede Richard

2 Today’s BP BP is one of the world's largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items

3 Today’s Bp Turnover $284 billion Replacement cost profit $17.3 billion Number of employees 97,600 Number of shareholders 1.2 million Proved reserves 17.8 billion barrels of oil and gas equivalent Service stations 24,100 Exploration Active in 29 countries Refineries Interest in 17 Facts and figures:

4 Today’s BP BP’S Brands BP BP Castrol Arco Aral am/pm Wild Bean Cafe

5 Today’s BP BP management framework: The management framework’s aim is that every time authority is delegated, the delegator and delegate will agree several key factors: its purpose; the relevant targets; the resources allocated to it; its limitations; and the processes for monitoring performance.


7 BP’S Peer Group Group Technology in BP consists of about 30 people working as staff within a corporately supported unit. Their mission is to provide central coordination and guidance to the technology activities of BP business units A distinctive aspect of BP’s organization is the organization of business units into peer groups This peer group structure affects culture and behavior throughout the corporation

8 Delivery Global business center (stream business executive committees and group function) Technology Legal HR IT Audit Projects

9 Generating and Sharing Knowledge BP’s framework for sharing knowledge starts with the business objective and ends with business results BP portrays learning as a cyclical process that takes place around the execution of business plans, with generally separate activities to be taken up before, during and after a project

10 Learn During Learn after Learn before Leveraging Using knowledge GoalsResults Access and apply Continuous Learning Validate and Renew Business Practice and Context with performance histories BP Knowledge Assets Networks (communities of practice) Business Units

11 Generating and Sharing Knowledge BP takes the position that network members have a dual citizenship ----Network members are part of the business units but also have a role in supporting the federal welfare by participating in the network --- Rather than relying on a corporate functional department, the network becomes the means for sharing know-how among business.

12 Business Unit1 Business Unit2 Business Unit3 Network Dual Citizenship

13 Connecting People and Forming Networks Bp uses a voluntary corporate Yellow Pages system as the platform for making networks BP’s connect system includes the web-based personal profiles of more than 18000 knowledge workers and more than 250 networks.

14 BP’s Connect System  Open to employees and contractors  Includes engineers, scientists, technicians, commercial and administrative support  Permit individuals to build web pages for themselves  Knowledge workers use Connect to select networks they wish to join, to locate individuals with needed skills  Delivery networks have budges and responsibilities for delivering a product or result at the end of the year

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