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In partnership with Jonathan Whitefield By David.

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1 In partnership with Jonathan Whitefield By David

2 Physical Oceanography is the physical study of the behaviors and reaction in the ocean and it’s affects on the Earth’s climate and atmosphere by taking information received and recorded at sea. The information obtained by mechanisms used to record data out at sea is put into graphs and discussed to find a clear set of statistics and overall find out what is happening in the ocean.

3 Physical Oceanography has a tremendous role in our society today. Physical Oceanography gives us information and observations on what’s going on in the sea. This field of science is important because it studies not only the circulation and movements of the ocean but as well as food sources and chemicals that affect humans lives and Earth’s climate. With this comes knowledge and understanding of what is happening beyond peoples everyday lives.

4 The scientists of this field go out and drop their equipment out in the sea. This equipment is usually towed behind a boat or left to be picked up at a later time. After collecting data and observations of these mechanisms, all these scientists get together to discuss what they have found. Going out o sea and coming back with data is all in a day’s work for these scientists.

5 The technology in Physical Oceanography has changed since 40 years ago. Although some techniques back then may still be used now, advances in technology have led to better, more accurate equipment as well as more detailed graphs and observations of the behaviors of the ocean and its inhabitants. Different mechanisms are used for different things.

6 One of those mechanisms is the acrobat towed CTD. This video will show you how the CTD is used and the information it gives these scientists.

7 There are some differences between Oceanography and Physical Oceanography *Oceanography is the study of the ocean, its floor, its vegetations, and it wild life as well as several other parts. This includes Physical Oceanography.Oceanography *Physical Oceanography is the physical study of the behaviors of the ocean to the affects it has on Earth’s atmosphere and climate. It is a study within Oceanography.Physical Oceanography

8 Jonathan Whitefield is a Physical Oceanographer in Alaska. He goes to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and is currently working on his third year as a PhD student. He has recently been working with computer programs that record the data he and his colleagues and put them into a graph to help them see relations in temperature as well as the affects the ocean has on the stratosphere. Below is a voice recording of his full interview.

9 hysical_Oceanography/ hysical_Oceanography/ collection-part2/coral-fish2/ collection-part2/coral-fish2/

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