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Who wrote the book of love?

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1 Who wrote the book of love?
An introduction to your cardiovascular system

2 Functions of the CV System
Carries needed substances to cells Carries waste products away from cells

3 What does the CV system transport?
Carried by blood Oxygen from lungs to body cells Sugar to cells to produce energy Waste Products Picks up CO2 waste from cells Carries to the lungs to be exhaled Disease Fighters Transports cells that attack disease-causing microorganisms

4 The Heart A hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body About the size of your fist, center of chest When the heart beats, blood is pushed through blood vessels

5 The Heart’s Structure Atrium: Upper Chamber Ventricle: Lower Chamber
Receives blood that comes into the heart Ventricle: Lower Chamber Pumps blood out of heart Valves: Flaps of tissue that prevent blood from flowing backward.

6 How the Heart Works 2 phases
Relaxed: when heart relaxes it fills with blood. Contracts: when heart contracts if pumps blood forward

7 Vessels After leaving the heart, blood travels in vessels through the body. 3 kinds of vessels Arteries: blood carried away from heart. Capillaries: tiny vessels where substances are exchanged between blood and body cells. Veins: carry blood back to the heart.

8 Where Does the Blood Go? 2 loops Loop One: Loop Two:
To the lungs and back to the heart Loop Two: To the body and back to the heart

9 The Blood’s Winding Road
The average human has about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in their body.

10 Blood Made up of 4 components Plasma Red Blood Cells White Blood Cells

11 Plasma Carries molecules that come from the break-down of digested food. About 10% of plasma Water About 90% of plasma

12 Red Blood Cells Produced in bone marrow
Take up oxygen in the lungs and deliver it to cells in the body. Made of mostly hemoglobin Oxygen carrier

13 White Blood Cells Produced in bone marrow The body’s disease fighters
WBC’s fewer in number than RBC’s

14 Platelets Cell fragments that play an important part in forming blood clots. Heal wounds Helps prevent infection and loss of blood.

15 Blood Types Four different types: A, B, AB, and O
Type determined by markers on the RBC’s Universal Donor: Type O Universal Receiver: Type AB

16 Cardiovascular Health
CV Disease Atherosclerosis: artery wall thickens May lead to heart attack Heart Attack: when blood flow to part of the heart is blocked.

17 Hypertension High blood pressure Can damage heart and arteries

18 Staying Healthy Regular exercise Balance Diet Avoid Smoking

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