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Albert Einstein Genius A Photobiography of Albert Einstein By Marfé Ferguson Delano Caroline Burns, 7R, 2/1/10.

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1 Albert Einstein Genius A Photobiography of Albert Einstein By Marfé Ferguson Delano Caroline Burns, 7R, 2/1/10

2 Non-Scientific Life Born: March 14, 1789, in Ulm, Germany. Albert’s parents were Hermann and Pauline Koch Einstein, and practiced their Jewish beliefs a lot. Lived: 1880, he moved to Munich, Germany. As a child lived in Bern, Prague, and Berlin. But after he moved to the Unites States in 1933, he settled down in Princeton, New Jersey, and didn’t return to Europe. Maja Einstein, Albert’s younger sister, was born in November 1881. Violin wasn’t one of Albert’s hobbies until around the age of 13 because of Mozart. In the spring and summer of 1895, Albert didn’t attend school. He had spent time with family, visited friends in the countryside, hiked in the mountains, and explored churches as well as art museums. He worked as a high school substitute teacher and a tutor. In 1896, Albert received the official notice that he had ended his German citizenship. Later in 1896, he graduated from high school from Aarau, and was accepted at Polytechnic.

3 Non-Scientific Life At Polytechnic Albert would skip his classes because they weren’t interesting and on top of all that he even skipped physics because nobody would talk about the latest theories. Albert had to catch up on all that he missed if he wanted to graduate so he used his friend, Marcel Grossmann’s, notes. He received his degree in 1900, and got a full time job, after a ton of time getting a better recommendation, with a government agency that issued patents. 1901-He became a Swiss citizen. Mileva Maric gave birth to a baby girl in 1902, but died. In the fall of 1902 Albert’s dad died and gave a consent to Albert and Mileva Maric. They got married in January of 1903, in Bern. 1904-Hans Albert Einstein was born. 1907-The theory of gravitation was thought of by Albert and took eight years 1909-He got a teaching job at the University of Zurich as a professor of theoretical physics. Now he moved to Zurich. 1910-Eduard Einstein, Albert’s second son, was born. 1911-A better paying job in German at the University in the Czech city of Prague. 1912-Back to Zurich their family goes because a better job was offered at Zurich Polytechnic.

4 Non-Scientific Life 1916-His theory of gravitation was finished. It ended up being called, “The Foundation of General Theory of Relativity.” 1919-Mileva and Albert get a divorce. May 1919-Albert married his cousin, Elsa. 1921-Albert accepted to tour the United State to help raise money for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 1936- Elsa died from heart and kidney disease. 1940-Albert Einstein became an American citizen. 1952-Albert was offered the presidency of the nation Israel, but he declined. April 18, 1955-Albert Einstein died at the age of 76 years old because of a burst blood vessel in his abdomen. His wishes were to not have a funeral service but to be cremated and his ashes scattered at some place that is in secrecy till this day.

5 Scientific Life Einstein wrote a research paper on the theory of liquids, which was published in Annalen der Physik in 1901. Albert’s first article in the Annalen der Physik was about the structure of light. He proposed that light consists of a steam of packets, or particles, which he dubbed light quanta. The quantum theory of light helped explain a phenomenon called the photolectric effect. That showed the light beam knock the electrons out of the metal which helped the science called quantum physics. Albert calculated how a microscopic particle suspended in a liquid. These calculations convinced scientists that the Brownian motion is caused by the movement if atoms and that atoms and molecules exist. He created a doctoral thesis and earned his P.H.D. from Zurich University in 1905. Einstein used his new theory to predict that starlight should bend when it passed by the sun. Albert gave tons of speeches about science and wrote articles on pacifism, peace, freedom, Zionism, and human rights. 1920s-He connected electromagnetism, gravity, space, and time together in one mathematical theory, “Unified Field Theory.” 1921-Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics. He gave the $32 thousand dollar prize to Mileva to support the sons, which was part of the divorce agreement.

6 Academic Life Albert was one of the best students at school, and on a report card in 1886 it said that Albert was ranked first in his grade. When he was nine Albert got transferred to Luitpold-Gymnassium. He attended high school in Aarau, Switzerland, and had said that the teachers were friendly by encouraging the students to think freely. The physics lab in Aarau was where his interest in physics grew even bigger. Attended the University of Zurich. Albert loved math and science. In science he loved physics, energy, matter, and movement. Einstein learned algebra and calculus on his own. In 1895, Albert convinced his parents to let him apply for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which is also known as Polytechnic.

7 Discovered By The Scientist General Theory of Relativity Time and space are not absolute; they are relative to the observer. E=mc 2 (Energy=Mass multiplied by the speed of light, squared.) That the speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second.

8 RASE How has the work/discoveries of the scientist helped you understand the topics we are learning in class? The work/discoveries of Albert Einstein has helped me understand the topic we have been learning in class by telling me that the light is 186,000 miles per second. This helps me realize that to create that amount of light there must be a lot of chemical changes happening in the sun. That means that every second a chemical change happens using two hydrogen atoms to make helium and energy. That energy helps us see in the day and keep us warm throughout our whole life. Without the sun making the energy in the form of light then we could not live. Because the light is coming to the Earth 186,000 mile pr second the sun is really busy and Albert Einstein helped us figure out how much energy is coming down to Earth every second. This book also taught me the understanding that if you could never see light unless you show something in it, like chalk dust. This is because the light is moving so fast that you can’t see it, which is like a professional pitcher when they throw the ball. The ball is not visible when far away because of the speed. This is how the work/discoveries of Albert Einstein has helped me to understand the topic we have been learning in class.

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