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Nowhere, CT School System Technology in the schools.

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1 Nowhere, CT School System Technology in the schools

2 The Inside Scoop: Technology is Political Interviewees very careful with responses, would only talk if names were not used. I couldn’t even use the name of the town in this presentation. Why? The Assistant Superintendent of Schools gets very uptight with those who complain about money, fires them or makes their lives very difficult. “If you rock the boat and are vocal about district issues then the district will shed you like a old skin.”

3 The Parents/ School Board Member Want technology in the classrooms. Want children to be taught how to use common software, like Word and Excel. Want more communication from the teachers about what is being taught. Disparity in children’s knowledge and their own when it comes to technology. Want more money made available for more computers. Don’t want technology in schools to outweigh English, math, and science.

4 Lessons Learned Make sure to keep parents informed as to what their children are learning, especially in the ever-changing world of technology, where the children often know more than the parents!

5 The Teachers Technology allows for better communication with parents. Science teacher spends ¾ of the week in the lab or using either a Smartboard or projector. Powerschool is great. Attendance, grading, access to standards, communication with parents all made easy. Personal development day for teachers where new technology is demonstrated and taught.

6 Lessons Learned Use the technology that’s available. It makes it easier to communicate with parents, makes life a little easier, and the children get excited about learning. Push for Powerschool.

7 The System in Nowhere, CT

8 The Tech Director Show us the money! Lost two technicians due to budget cuts, and is doing the work that used to be done by three people. No training for technicians to keep them up to date. “Laptops for every student? Are you mad? You know how quickly they would break! We can barely keep up as it is.” Seemed very frustrated and harried.

9 Administrator of Instructional Technology Cutbacks in budget Believes strongly in teacher education “My job is hard.” This in reference to his task of keeping abreast of new technology and somehow working it into the schools, making sure teachers and trained in it, all with limited funds.

10 Lessons Learned There’s nothing to be done about the money problem. Get over it. Political angle. Read the politics, and don’t rock the boat. Teacher training in technology is critical. Districts that invest in teacher training get more value for the money they invest. Don’t be upset with slow tech support – until you’ve walked in their shoes…

11 The Administrator A very cool elementary school principal. Older woman - retiring in two years. 0 Tech background. Doesn’t care to learn computers, but recognizes the value and pushes her teachers to use it.

12 The Student Middle school, high level technology knowledge. Loves computer games, plays World of Warcraft nightly. Feels he knows more about technology than his teacher. Finishes computer assignments quickly and is bored.

13 Lessons Learned Know your stuff! Or be laughed at. When teaching computers, make sure to have more challenging activities available for those who finish early. Homework must compete with computer games in a lot of homes.

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