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Wisconsin Alphet By: Kayti and Mason. A is for red apples Wisconsin grows over 68 millions of apples each year. Wisconsin makes 40 million pies from.

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1 Wisconsin Alphet By: Kayti and Mason


3 A is for red apples Wisconsin grows over 68 millions of apples each year. Wisconsin makes 40 million pies from the Wisconsin apple crop every year. The group of beautiful fruit trees is called an Orchard. There are apple festival and they serve apples on the grill.

4 B is for Braves In 1953 Milwaukee Braves became the first Major League Baseball team for Wisconsin. There first game was April 13 th 1953 in Milwaukee. There last game was October 3 rd 1963. After their first year the governor of Wisconsin said they were the best and they will always be the best.

5 C is for chesse Wisconsin is the most famous for the great yellow,orange cheese that people come from all over the world to eat. Some people go to a festival and celebrate the cheese in Little Chute Wisconsin. The festival is 3 days long. It all began in 1988 when the first cheese was made. Wisconsin can carve cheese in to a shape.

6 D is for Dells Wisconsin Dells is the biggest water park in the nation. It has some of the craziest rides ever so do you dare to ride? If yes, I would get ready to ride for your life. A long time ago Wisconsin Dells was just a city with a population of 2,418.

7 E is for effigy mounds

8 F is for Fossil The state fossil is the trilobite. It was found 450-400 million years ago. At that time Wisconsin was a little under 30 degrees south to the equator. This fossil is related to crabs and insects. The trilobite is like a pill bug that rolls around to protect its soft under belly.

9 G is for great lakes The great lakes are Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and the connecting channels to the greatest fresh for surfing. Water would be about 9. 5 feet deep. There is about 50000 to 1000000 cubic feet per sec. The great lakes can push very large things.

10 H is for Harry Houdini Harry Houdini was born in Appleton on March 24 th 1876. His AWESOME tricks were enjoyed by people all over the world. Some tricks were outstanding and frightening and were shown all over the world. Harry Houdini died on the stage on Oct 31 st 1926. He was 52 years old.

11 I is for ice –cream sundae The first sundae was made in 1880 but it was made popular in 1956 by a man named H.L. Mencken. There is a fight between Two rivers Wisconsin and New York about who made the first ice-cream sundae. The fight goes back to the 1970. Wisconsin claims that we made the first ice-cream sundae that served by accident in 1881.’’One night, Hallauer served a dish of ice-cream, and when he was serving it he spied chocolate syrup on the back bar, and said “why don’t you put that on the ice-cream”

12 J is for jump rope Jump rope began in Wisconsin in 1960 when a coach named Wally Mohrman became a gym teacher in the schools. He started to make a contest out of jumping in a rope. The record for jump rope is jumping 72 jumps in ten seconds.To add to the contest Mohrman formed a group called the “swinging safari”.

13 K is for Kewaunee Kewaunee is found on Lake Michigan. It is known where they catch the most trout. Lake Michigan is near Door Country and 30 miles east of Green Bay. Kewaunee’s population is just under 3000.

14 L is for Limburger cheese When Germans came to Wisconsin they made Wisconsin famous for there swiss cheese and limburger cheese. Today in Monroe in Wisconsin is the sole of making limburger cheese. Even it has a stinky smell as people say as feet,it taste good though.

15 M is for Milwaukee Milwaukee is the 23 largest in the U. S. A. By the population is 1,7 3 9, 4 9 7- 2, 0 1 4,0 3 2. In Milwaukee it was discovered in 1818. Come down and you can see the Milwaukee bucks play basketball or if you like baseball more than basketball

16 N is for northern pike The northern pike was the first fish found in Wisconsin. It’s the second largest fish in Wisconsin. Its always fun to catch and see. The largest one caught is 38 pounds and 20 inches.

17 O is for Osprey The Osprey is a fish eater and can grab the fish in the water the fish will wiggle and jiggle. The bird is black and white or brown. If you get to close it will have a frenzied. The Osprey comes back in mid April to get to the warmer southerly states.

18 P is for Peshtigo In October 8, 1871 the Peshtigo fire destroyed the town that good people lived in and caryd about. The Peshtigo fire took place in Timber, millions of houses were destroyed because of it. The most people that died were 1200 and 2400 that did not survived. The Peshtigo fire was one of the top ten fires.

19 Q is for Quad race Quad racing is in the north of Wisconsin. It is all racing and they don’t do it a lot in the nation but they do it the most in Wisconsin. They mostly play races with dirt bikes or boats, cars, four - wheeling.

20 R is for rivers Wisconsin is proud to have the Mississippi River. The river is 430 miles long. It is between Minnesota and Iowa on the west side of Wisconsin.

21 S is for the state seal The state seal stands for Wisconsin’s first state flag. It was done in 1881. The coat o f Arms that has symbols that stands for differences, money and a lot of bunches and resources. The one man on the left is a is a saler.

22 T is for timber logging in Wisconsin was the most famous in the lower part of Wisconsin. The logging industry began in 1825. In the year of 1890 Wisconsin’s top leader industry was logging. IT was hard for the loggers because if a tree would fall it would KILL YOU !!!!

23 U is for university Wisconsin first university is in Madison made in 1848. The university is has 20 schools in one. There are for students 2,570. They have over 3328 people that graduate every year, but they get more students.

24 V is for wood violet The state flower was first found in 1908. The wood violet is found in the would land. The color is purple. You can eat the leaves from the flower and the tastes sweet.

25 W is for white tail deer Wisconsin white tail deer, did you now that the way how you see how old they are by there teeth. Male deer are called bucks. There antlers are used by the bucks to establish who is the ‘’boss’’ gets to mate with the most females. The white-tailed deer is biggest brown animal throughout Wisconsin. how old th

26 X is for x-country skiing North Wisconsin has a lot of skiers in there country they also have snowshoeing. One of the Olympics was skiing and snowshoeing that started in 1976 in Wisconsin. They had marathons,races in north Wisconsin. There was a team were children adults.

27 Z is for zoo The zoo in Milwaukee holds the most Mountain lions. The population of people that go there are ¼ of the people that are in Milwaukee witch is 2,014,032. The people that go there are so happy whenthey come back from the zoo they tell all there friends about it.

28 R is a for Robin Wisconsin state bird is the Robin. The robin was found in 1926 and adopted in 1949. It’s belly is red and it’s top is black. The length 8.5 inches and a thin yellow bill. In the early mornings you can offten hear them sing.

29 G is for great lakes The Wisconsin greats lakes are beautiful and a natural and wonders for the world. The year of 2002 the 1,540 of adults that are living in the great lakes are maybe still living.

30 Y is for yellow corn One hot days people eat corn and eat out side. the farmers grow more corn then any vegey. The yellow corn is filled up ears of with stright rows of corn. The husks have to be fresh and green and ready to sale.

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