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Fur Bearing Animal Identification

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1 Fur Bearing Animal Identification

2 Objectives List 19 Fur-bearing species of Texas wildlife.
Describe what the 19 fur-bearing species look like.

3 Badger Large, robust, short-legged “weasel”
Broad body with a short, thick tail Grayish, yellow body White face markings

4 Beaver Aquatic rodents Broad, flat, scaly tails Webbed hind feet
Dark brown color

5 Red Fox Bright, golden yellow body
Chin, throat, & belly mid-line of belly are white Forefeet & legs are black

6 Desert Fox Smaller body Upper body is buffy gray
Sides, tail & mid-belly are clear buff Throat is white Have large ears

7 Swift Fox Upper parts are pale buffy yellow with frosted white
Tail is buffy gray with a black tip

8 Gray Fox Gray upper body Reddish brown legs
White throat, cheeks, & mid-line of belly

9 Weasel Long, slender animal Short legs & long tail Small, rounded ears

10 Mink Size of a house cat Dark brown Semi-aquatic Prefer small streams

11 Muskrat Large, brownish, aquatic, scaly-tailed rodent Tail is naked
Inhabit marshes

12 Nutria Beaver-like Long, round sparsely haired tail
Dark underfur with long, glossy dark brown guard hairs

13 Opossum Long, scaly, prehensile tail Nocturnal
White base and black tipped fur

14 Otter Large, dark brown animal with slender body
Webbed feet & long thick tail Aquatic and feed mostly on fish

15 Raccoon Blackish facial mask with white outline
Tail is black and white alternating rings nocturnal

16 Ringtails Resembles a small fox
Long, tail with alternating white and black rings Nocturnal Bodies are gray

17 Spotted Skunk Small white spot on forehead
Six distinct white stripes on body

18 Striped Skunk Two white stripes on sides of back
Stripes connect at the neck region & continue down the head

19 Hooded Skunk Two color patterns Upper body is chiefly white
OR Upper part is chiefly black with white stripes

20 Hog-nosed Skunk Single white stripe that extends from head to tail
Tail is entirely white

21 Black Bear Medium-size bear Black or brown
Front claws are slightly longer and curved for climbing

22 Summary Review Tomorrow

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