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Chapter 1.1

2 Amphibians have been around for more than 400 million years.
Frogs and their relatives have adapted to the ice age and global warming. They can be found in most ecosystems that include water. ECOSYSTEM – is a term used to describe the relationships among the many species living in an environment and the relationship among those organisms and the non-living components of the environment. Examples: Wetlands, marshes, deserts, lakes, oceans, forests.

3 Why are Scientists Concerned
Many believe that the health of amphibians indicates the health of the ecosystem they live in. Amphi ( “on both sides”) Bios ( “life” ) Meaning that Frogs have two lives – water and land

4 Frogs occupy two different ecosystems
Tadpoles – water ecosystem Adult Frogs – Land and Forest Since they are in two ecosystems, they are also in two FOOD CHAINS. FOOD CHAIN – Is a step-by-step sequence linking organisms that feed on each other, starting with a food source such as a plants (producers), and continuing with animals and other living things that feed on plants and on each other (consumers)

5 All food Chains start with Sun as it’s source of energy!
PRODUCER – an organism that can make their own food to give themselves energy. EXAMPLE: Plants, algae CONSUMERS: an organism that must get its energy by eating another organism ( cannot make their own food ) EXAMPLE: animals

What do adult frogs eat? Insects ( mostly ) Small fish ( limited ) What animals eat frogs? Large fish Predatory birds Reptiles Small mammals

7 The adult frog is part of a food chain that includes PRODUCERS, HERBIVORES , CARNIVORES , OMNIVORES.
HERBIVORE – Organism that eat only plants EXAMPLE : Deer, Cow CARNIVORE – Organism that eats only animals EXAMPLE : Hawk, Tiger

8 OMNIVORE : Organism that eats both plants and animals.
EXAMPLE: Bears, Humans What do tadpoles eat? Algae ( small plant-like organisms) Both living and dead

9 The Tadpole is a herbivore, where the adult frog is a carnivore
The Tadpole is a herbivore, where the adult frog is a carnivore. Therefore the Tadpole is in a different food chain. The Tadpole has two food sources: 1. producers ( algae ) 2. Detritus DETRITUS – Waste from plants and animals, including their dead remains

10 Detritus food chains are critical in the recycling of matter in ecosystems.
Decomposers are in a Detritus food chain which helps release nutrients to the soil and water. Plants and algae use those nutrients to grow. DECOMPOSERS – An organism that gets its energy by consuming and breaking down detritus. EXAMPLES: Bacteria, fungus

11 THE SILENCE OF THE FROGS (pg. 10-13 wksheet)
Questions Food chain Handout


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