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NCAA Recruiting and Academics

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1 NCAA Recruiting and Academics
Justin Kume, Compliance Coordinator Troy University

2 Overview Academics Recruiting NCAA Eligibility Center
High School Course Requirements ACT/SAT Score Index Recruiting Phone Calls Inducements Visits

3 NCAA Eligibility Center
Must Register to Compete in DI or DII Online Registration – Registration Fee Domestic: $65.00 International: $95.00 Fee Waiver available (talk to HS Counselor) JUCO Transfers MUST register to play in DI or DII!

4 Core-Course Requirement
English – four years. Mathematics – three years. Natural or physical science – two years. Social science – two years. Additional English, math, or science – one year. Additional academic courses – four years. Bylaw 14 to 16 increase is now effective. Increases are in math and additional core areas. 4

5 Core-Course Time Limitation
Within first eight semesters of high school. Measured by initial enrollment in grade nine. Bylaw “Plus One” Prospective student-athlete (PSA) must graduate from high school on time; One additional core course for initial-eligibility purposes. Bylaw What does “graduate” mean? What does “on time’ mean? 5

6 Division I Core GPA and Test Score Sliding Scale
SAT ACT 3.55 & above 400 37 3.5 420 39 3.25 520 46 3.0 620 52 2.75 720 59 2.5 820 68 2.25 920 77 2.0 1010 86

7 Why should you care? Qualifier Non-qualifier Receive a scholarship
Eligible to play in first year Non-qualifier Must pay for school on their own No practice, play or meetings Bylaw &

8 Recruiting Prospective-student Athlete (PSA) Permissible Recruiters
Ninth Grade & up Permissible Recruiters Coach Non-permissible Recruiters Boosters Current Student-Athletes

9 Phone Calls When can a coach call you? How often can a coach call you?
Not until July 1 AFTER your junior year How often can a coach call you? Generally, once a week, except during special periods How often can a booster call you? NEVER! How often can you call coach? Whenever you like!

10 E-mail How often can a coach e-mail you?
Whenever they like after Sept. 1 your junior yr. of HS. How often can you coach? Whenever you like. How often can a coach message you on Facebook? As long as it is a message to you only, whenever they like after Sept. 1 you junior yr. of HS. How often can a coach text you? NEVER After you have signed a NLI If you do not sign, after May 1st & we have received a room or tuition deposit.

11 Inducements NCAA rules prohibit coaches, staff, boosters or student-athletes from giving anything of value to a PSA, their family or their coach to lure the PSA into enrolling at their institution. What does that mean?

12 Inducements, cont. Clothing Employment Loans Cash Tangible Items
Free or reduced services Use of athletics equipment Expenses for tutoring

13 Visits Official Unofficial Tickets to home events CAN be provided
All expense paid trip to campus Only after senior year of HS begins Unofficial PSA pays their own way Whenever you like. Tickets to home events CAN be provided

14 Official Visits You MUST be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center You MUST answer the Eligibility Center’s amateurism questions We MUST have a copy of a transcript and test score (ACT, SAT, PSAT, or PLAN) 5 visits per PSA Only 1 to our institution Your Travel, Housing, Meals, and Entertainment is on us!

15 Unofficial Visits Anytime PSA wants Unlimited number of visits
Travel, housing, meals and entertainment MUST be paid by PSA Tickets to home contests No conference or post-season contests

16 Resources NCAA website NCAA Eligibility Center
NCAA Eligibility Center NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athletes Check with Guidance Counselor

17 Additional Resources Follow us! Friend us on Facebook!
Friend us on Facebook! Troy Compliance TROY Athletics Compliance Office (334) or

18 Questions???

19 Thank You!

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