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By: Kyleigh Chapman & Abby Temple

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1 By: Kyleigh Chapman & Abby Temple
Invertebrate By: Kyleigh Chapman & Abby Temple

2 Nematodes/roundworms example: hook worm
KC Nematodes/roundworms example: hook worm Definition: an animal with a round tube like body that has a digestive system with two openings. Body systems: they have two openings.. Reproduction: it also has sex organs that enable it to reproduce sexual. Food: it takes food and digests it. It has to openinds. Habitat: round worms live in a shovel or soil. Predators & problems: they could kill the host. Predators & problem: Adaptations & fun facts: they live in pigs.

3 Echinoderms ex: starfish
KC Echinoderms ex: starfish Body system: star fish has 5,6,10 or 20. They also live in Antarctic. Reproduction: an invertebrate that has an internal skeleton and spines that are plant of this environment. ere asexual because they do not need a boy to make babys. Food: they eats out of its tummy. They crawl on there rays and sucks their prays in there tummy. They eat claims. Habitat: they live in the ocean. They live in the sea water. They live on the floors. Predators & problems: they get ate by other star fish. Adaptation & problems : the smallest fish is about one inch across full grown.

4 Mollusks ex: outpods KC
Def.: an animal with a salt body and no bones . Body systems: they have a circulatory. Reproduction: they relies the eggs and sperm into the water. Food: the capture prays with there tentacles. Habitat: they live in the oceans, pacific, Atlantic, and India. Predators & problems: a squid is a predator. Adaptation & fun facts: oxpods when there born there born clear.

5 KC Candara ex: coral Definition: An animal with tentacles have ability to sting its pray or predators. Body systems: Its equal all around. The jelly fish goes and hunts. Reproduction: Coral needs a Skelton to grow a soft body. Food: Eats meet invertebrates. It digests throw the middle. Habitat: Jelly fish live in the coral reef. Predators & problems: The predator is sea turtles and sharks. Adaptors & facts: The have a Skelton.

6 Porifera/sponge Example: venu’s flower basket sponge
Definition is a type of animal that filters the water it lives into get there food. Body Systems= sponges do not have any organs of nervous systems Sponges reproduce a sexual, buds and branches grow from a parent sponges, These buds break off and grow into new sponges food= they filter the water the live in to get food, the food in the water. There habitat is they live in the water, usually grow near coral in the ocean and in shallow waters and most live in fresh water. There predators & problems is nothing eats the animals the animal problems are people dropping oil into the water, the nets of the fisher man. There adaptations & fun facts are they survive with water and there spores they can be many different colors shapes and sizes AT

7 Platyhelminthes/flatworms Example: planaians
Definition = a flatworm has a flattened body, a digestive system with only one opening, and a simple nervous system Body system= they have a simple nervous system Reproduce with sex organs and can reproduce by mating and laying eggs they take in food and to push it out waste small particles and liquids They live in animals and planaians live in fresh water There predators are aquatic insects, such as dragon fly’s , naiads and diving beetles- tadpoles, small fish, and crustaceans eat them Fun facts and there adaptations= they live in animals that’s were they hide they stay out of day light AT

8 Arthropods Example: spiders
Definition is an arthropods is an animal with a jointed exoskeleton Body systems= digestive systems with 2 openings, a circulatory system and they have a brain They reproduce sexual females often lay eggs They eat many of the insects plants and food crops There habitat is they can survive almost everywhere on earth There problems are people turn them into sea food Fun facts is arthropods can be found in every environment that supports life that supports life. AT

9 Annelids/segmented worms Example: earth worm
Definition is a animal such as the earthworm whose body is made up of connected sections, or segments Body systems- they have circulatory systems, five enlarged tubes art as hearts Reproduce is sexual they mate both partners lay egg, worms hatch from them They eat food that is stored in a sac called a row Habitat= they live in the soil or under rocks. burrow through soil gets air into the spaces were the worm has traveled There problems are cars could drive over them there predators are snakes, fisherman, flatworms Adaptations & fun facts= on earth worm has a nerve center or brain, to know were to more and live AT

10 Resources Books Websites Harcourt science book

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