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What Happened to the Malaysian Flight 370? By: K.H.

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1 What Happened to the Malaysian Flight 370? By: K.H.

2 March 8 th of 2014 a tragedy happened. Peoples lives would be torn, would be lost, would never be solved… their loved ones gone, their loved ones missing, forever… with no trace.

3 What Happened? It’s an average day for people aboard Flight 370. 239 people sat on the plane. Ready for takeoff? They weren’t. The plane leaves and now will never be found. The plane mysteriously crashes into the sea. Flight 370 is lost forever. This was the second flight engine of Boeing 777 to fail and crash within this year. Only this time no trace of the plane has yet been found. Now unfortunately we have lost track of time because there is an average of two weeks to find this plane (average for battery tracers to be located). No one understands what has happened but slowly things are showing up that seem quite odd.

4 Example #1 The Malaysian authorities released transcripts of the communication between Flight 370 and air traffic sign off. They left with “Good night Malaysian 370” which is formally incorrect. The formal sign off is “all right good night”.

5 Example #2 If a plane crashes into the sea. The impact would be so strong the plane would have broken into pieces. Some pieces would have floated to the surface. Although they have not found anything yet, a satellite has picked up little bits of radar that could possibly be the plane. It might be so far into the sea there’s no way of retrieving it.

6 Example #3 As I stated earlier this was the second Boeing 777 engine to fail within a year. Was this intentional?

7 Answers Unknown Unfortunately we may never know the answers to this mystery but may all these people rest in peace. Hearts have been broken, lives have been taken, and words haven’t been spoken.

8 My Personal Opinion After doing my research I honestly do not think the plane crashed into the sea. There is no official proof and I believe this was not an accident but an intentional act. How could a plane just crash? How could a plane just be lost? Gone with no trace. It all does not make sense. The government has already hidden so much from us. Is this another incident that they are hiding? I suppose I will never know. I feel so hurt for those who have lost people on this plane. I hope they are wrong about it possibly being in the sea. I hope they will be found and those families who had lost a loved one will finally have an answer. To those who are lost, may you rest peacefully in Heaven...

9 Resources malaysia-airlines-plane-crashes-off-vietam malaysia-airlines-plane-crashes-off-vietam

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