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Click to edit Master subtitle style KariaNet capacity building efforts: Enhacing knowledge management competence for development project efficiency Dr.

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1 Click to edit Master subtitle style KariaNet capacity building efforts: Enhacing knowledge management competence for development project efficiency Dr Hammou LAAMRANI Canada International Development Research Centre KariaNet project Coordinator Senior Program Officer

2 The rule is to make the Thank you slide at the end KariaNet team wants to first thank you and welcome all of you to the first regional training platform in KM KS Appreciative Thanks to all those that worked hard to make this event happen IDRC IFAD and of course our partners in te 10 countries

3 Click to edit Master subtitle style WHAT KARIANET STANDS FOR?

4 K like Knowledge A like Access R like Rural I like Interconnected A like Areas Net like Network

5 What does KariaNet do Promote adoption of Knowledge management and knowledge sharing in rural development practices and policies from project level to national policies Capacity building to create the first generation of KM- KS experts in MENA region Applied research to innovate and contextualize Networking activities to sustain the network after project completion

6 Click to edit Master subtitle style Where did KariaNet II come from ?

7 KariaNet I: 2005-2008 Strengthened use of IT in nine participating projects through establishment of project websites, internet connectivity, and training of staff members on IT use; Developed the capacity of 9 IFAD-funded projects to document and share knowledge, (including both print documentation and video making). Strengthened networking among member projects

8 KariaNet II: 2010- 2013 Goal Enhance the effectiveness of development projects and programs that serve to enable the rural poor to overcome their poverty

9 KariaNet II Specific Objectives: Build KariaNet II based on the achievements of KariaNet I and expand it to reach more members in MENA region: consolidation and expansion Implement applied research projects and community projects to ensure that Knowledge Management products on agricultural development reach a broader audience in MENA; Innovation Develop and test a business model which will allow KariaNet II to devolve as a sustainable and viable network. Incremental devolution and Sustainability

10 New in KariaNet II Expanding in Geography : 10 Countries Focussed in thematic networks: KM-KS in Food Security and Rural Enterprise Development and a cross cutting network Open to IFAD and IDRC Project PLUS to other initiatives, projects and programs Aiming at policy information/influence on value added of mainstreaming KM KS in rural development

11 Click to edit Master subtitle style KariaNet philosophy: contribution versus attribution

12 What KariaNet II IS NOT? Not a vertical and centralized network Not working with communities as the project and organizations involved in the Network are well positioned to do so Not setting the country strategies for KM KS every country team and national network is well positioned to do so Not in isolation from ongoing initiatives or forthcoming opportunities in each country Not restricted to work with selected stakeholders Not a knowledge fabric on technical innovation in Food security and Rural Enterprise Development but on knowledge management in these two priority thematics

13 Network Organization Facilitating team in IDRC Cairo in coordination with IFAD NENA Division in Rome Two parallel and inter related tracks: * NATIONAL NETWORKS in EACH of the TEN countries * REGIONAL NETWORK

14 The thematic networks moderated by regional committee are emerging but need a strong boost The pillars of the network are the projects and their boundary partners and their needs are targets of KariaNet National Roadmaps are the guiding documents and are developed by the country nodes

15 We invite you to: Engage actively in setting the scene in KM KS in your project, programme, organization and country Be ‘ a KM KS’ member and a KariaNet CHAMPION Share and upload you KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS on Let us know how we can help you to do so

16 We invite you cc’d Let us know what « is going on » in your country to support and assist as much as we can in adoption of KM and KS in rural development Invite every individual or organization that could benefit from our services and help us to make KM KS and engine to rural development and poverty reduction in the region TO REGISTER and join us at

17 Click to edit Master subtitle style KariaNet is you and what you decide to make of it!

18 Click to edit Master subtitle style IF you think you are too small to make a difference, please think again! Sustainable development paradigm was developed based on a case study on degradation of biodiversity in Greece

19 Finally Start with a clear definition of what you want knowing the reality of your project and country TAKE a « less is more » approach Foster collaborative knowledge creation, KM-KS Recognize the value of what you don’t know Think regional and act local InQUIRA, Knowledge management, getting it right

20 : أول مبادرة لتطوير التنافسية الزراعية في مصر باستخدام ثورة الاتصالات والمعلومات 15 Millions Pounds 1 Million Egyptian Farmers will access Free SMS extension services at real time


22 First Workshop objectives To define and share state-of-the art concepts and tools of KM and KS in an interactive platform To build on previous and future activities to cement KariaNet network To set the needs for the next CB efforts of kariaNet in KM and KS Contribute to the creation of a critical mass of experts in KM KS to sustain KariaNet

23 The training Is not conventional You are actively part of the training You are expected to make use of the learning in your context, please keep thinking to your project/programme work while doing the exercises Please spread the knowledge gained to your project environment and to your country members that did not attend Help us to set the plan for what CB efforts should be the continuation of this first paltform

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