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4  EQ: What benefits can arise from integrating technology into student projects?  EQ: How have school projects and presentations changed over time? What will presentations of the future look like?  EU: Due to the rapid growth and development of technology both students and teachers should keep up with emerging technology and their applications to the classroom.



7 Using audacity software already installed on your computer students and teachers can create and edit audio files. Students create audio books for younger students. Allow students to read their own writing and listen for mistakes. Reader theater or radio shows Students can read their work and have it posted online. Record review lessons and post to site for student review later. Use audio files in other applications such as PowerPoint, Glogster, wikis, Animoto, and more.

8 Uses pictures, video clips, and music to create a quality movie. Simpler to use than Windows Movie Maker Students can focus on content rather than transitions Videos can be easily embedded in a website or wiki Teacher accounts get full-length videos free

9 Uses words you have entered to create “word art”. Words that are used more than once are shown as larger words. Students describe themselves or their peers to create artwork about themselves. Students describe a class, course, or content area topic in a unique way. Students copy compositions into Wordle and overused words become clear.

10 Create avatar faces and give them words to speak. Can use audio recording or type the text to speak. Students can design avatars to look like them, characters in a novel, or another image associated with the content. Spoken message is short (60 seconds or about 2 sentences typed) so students must focus on exactly what they want to convey.

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