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1 http://www.wild natureimages.c om/images%20 2/050305- 019..jpg

2  Cells make up the organism.  Every cell in the human body is different, therefore they need different things. For example, a bone cell needs calcium, while a heart cell needs protein. on.jpg meat.html& %3Dmeat

3  As you grow or get sick, you have different needs of energy and building materials. Sometimes you are growing more, and sometimes you are active more. When your growing you will need foods with protein, and while you are active you will need foods with energy. meat.html& ir%26o%3D0%26q%3Dmeat

4  Energy comes from the sun.  Plants make glucose from photosynthesis.  All living organisms need energy to live  A human, for example, has many different cells that keep it working properly. ges/broclight.gif

5  Building blocks are matter, they are made of atoms or “solid stuff”  They are used to heal injuries and replace “worn” parts. e-spasm.jpg

6  Plants make glucose, or sugar, by a process of photosynthesis. This process allows consumers to get building materials and energy needed to survive. If there was no sun, then there wouldn’t be any producers. If there were no producers, then there wouldn’t be any herbivores. Without herbivores, carnivores wouldn’t be able to survive, and without the carnivores, herbivores, and producers humans wouldn’t survive.

7  The energy and building materials start at plants.  The herbivores/omnivores eat them.  The carnivores/omnivores eat the primary consumers & get most of the nutrients.  As nutrients is passed on and on, less of it can be used. on.jpg

8 1/sun-cartoon.gif Rainforest bat Anaconda Gecko Tree squirrel

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