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Sequence- How did we do it?

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1 Sequence- How did we do it?
Students took a Primary Spelling Inventory to determine their word study level. If you would like a copy of your child’s spelling results, please let us know! We will be more than happy to get those to you. Students were placed into word study groups. Word study groups meet daily. (Monday's meeting always takes about minutes longer.) *Students spend minutes daily in word study.


3 ~Daily Class Assignments~
Day 1: Students will receive cards for the week. Students cut, sort, and read words. Day 2: Students sort cards and explain how they sorted them, teacher reshuffles cards, student resorts, teacher times, and then student writes their word sort in their notebooks. Day 3: Students will do a speed blind word sort. Day 4: Students will participate in word sort games. Day 5: Students will sort the cards and glue their cards on their paper. Then they will take an assessment on 10 random words that fit their pattern. Tested words may/may not be words they have sorted.

4 Blind Word Sort

5 Blind Word Sort

6 ~Special Notes~ Please note that your child is only responsible for their pattern. If you have a beginning consonant sort b, m, s, they would only have to write the first letter of the picture that you call out. If they have a vowel pattern, short a versus long a, your child would be responsible for the beginning, middle vowel, and ending sound in the word. Students generally follow the following word study sequence; Beginning consonant Ending consonant Short vowels Digraphs Blends Long vowels (CVCe, CVVC, CVV)9 Other vowels (ew, aw, or, ou, oi, ow, ir) Inflected Endings (-ed, -es, -ies, ing

7 Word Study Homework Monday: Remind your child to sort the cards into the categories like the ones we did in school. Your child should read each card aloud during this activity. Ask your child to explain to you why the cards are sorted in a particular way- what does the sort reveal about the spelling pattern in general? Ask you child to sort them a second time as fast as possible. Tuesday: Sort words, read them to someone. Explain how and why you sorted your words. You may want to time them and they should place each card within 3-5 seconds. If they struggle to place their cards, continue to practice a second or even a third time. Wednesday: Sort and read words to someone. Complete a blind word/ picture sort. Directions for blind sort: Lay down a word/picture from each category as a header and then read the rest of the cards aloud. Your child must tell you where the card goes without seeing it. Then have your child lay it down and you move the card if he or she is wrong. Repeat if your child makes more than one error. *OR* Do a writing sort to prepare for their weekly test. As you call the words/pictures in a random order your child should write them in categories. Call out any words your child misspells a second or even a third time. Thursday: Sort and read your cards to someone. Make a word sort chart in your word study notebook. Label the chart with the patterns of your sort. Look for words that match your pattern in books or magazines. Write them in the column of your chart that matches the pattern of the word. These have to be different words than the ones you are studying for the week.

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