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Science and Religion The scientific method.

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1 Science and Religion The scientific method

2 Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Science = a book of Gods works
The scientific method was made popular by Francis Bacon a Christian who thought; Science = a book of Gods works and The Bible = a book of Gods words

3 What is the scientific method?
The scientific method is based on evidence and experiments Based on the desire to challenge and evaluate all truth claims Pre-supposes the world is intelligible and orderly.

4 So… 1. Observe some aspect of the universe.


6 2. Invent a tentative description, called a hypothesis, that is consistent with what you have observed.

7 3. Use the hypothesis to make predictions.

8 4. Test those predictions by experiments or further observations and modify the hypothesis in the light of your results.

9 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there are no discrepancies between theory and experiment and/or observation.


11 In what ways is the Scientific method limited?
It is fallible Limited objectivity Scientist is human Based on assumption Contains guesswork Reliability Tentative

12 But remember… A theory is only considered correct at that moment in time based on the evidence available. It can be changed. Sometimes when we collect out data our senses can deceive us.


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