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Integrating Technology into High School English Presenters: Lori Creed and Melanie Hudson Objective: To showcase a variety of ways we incorporate technology.

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1 Integrating Technology into High School English Presenters: Lori Creed and Melanie Hudson Objective: To showcase a variety of ways we incorporate technology into high school English classes Essential Question: What are some ways to incorporate both teacher and student use of technology into your high school English class?

2 Airliner Daily Oral Language (Goal 6.02) Critique Written Works (Goal 4.02) – Exemplary Student Writings – DPI samples of 10 th grade essays Analyze Written Works (Goal 5.01) – Poetry

3 Sample DOL from SMART file DOL week 2week

4 9 th grade Students Using the Airliner

5 Analyze Student Writing The following are student responses to the short-answer part of a unit test on Romeo and Juliet.

6 Prompt: Name at least three reading strategies that help a reader to better comprehend drama. Give examples from Romeo and Juliet to support your answers

7 Student Answer: “Whenever there are stage directions, read them, because then it is easier to comprehend because you know what is going on better. For example, when it says the nurse draws back the curtains. Also, when reading drama, it is easier to understand if you imagine it. Like when Romeo jumps between Tybalt and Mercutio, try to imagine it in your mind. Another strategy is acting it out because then you can sort of see what’s happening. For example, we acted out the part where Romeo and Juliet kill themselves.”

8 Prompt: Romeo and Juliet has survived for over four hundred years. Explain what characteristics of the play have helped to make it so timeless.

9 Student Answer: “Romeo and Juliet is such a timeless story because everyone can relate to love. Some people can even relate to forbidden love like Romeo and Juliet’s because even nowadays parents tell their children they can’t be with someone if they don’t like them. I also think that it’s timeless because it doesn’t have a happy ending like most stories. It has a tragic ending which most stories do not have.”

10 Put DPI samples of 10 th grade essay here sample student essay from DPI.notebook

11 Sample Poem Analysis HOPE is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all, And sweetest in the gale is heard; 5 And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many warm. I ’ve heard it in the chillest land, And on the strangest sea; 10 Yet, never, in extremity, It asked a crumb of me. 1.This poem is an extended metaphor. Underline five WORDS that indicate what hope is being compared to in this poem. 2.Circle any rhyming words. 3.Determine the rhyme scheme. 4.Find parallelism in the third stanza.

12 Document Camera Immediate student recognition and feedback Images can be “captured” into SMART files Useful to show graphic novels, texts of limited number, or copyrighted materials Exit Cards Cooperative Learning Questions – Think, Pair, Share – Mix, Pair, Share – Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up

13 Document Camera – Student Work

14 Modeled Use of Document Camera with Mix-Pair-Share All participants will move about the room quietly while the music plays. When the music stops, you will pair up. The shorter of the two will answer the first question while the taller of the two provides coaching and feedback. Then, roles will reverse with the second question. When the music begins to play again, participants will repeat the process.

15 SMART technology County resources Teacher-made resources – Poe SMART project – Romeo and Juliet SMART project – Music and Poetry SMART project Student Assessment

16 Example of Co. Resources using SMART To access County SMART resources, go to the extranet, then click on “resources,” then click on “instructional technology,” then click on “high school.”

17 Sample Teacher Made SMART projects poetry of E A Poe.notebook Romeo and Juliet SMART project.notebook Using Music to Demonstrate Mastery of Poetic Techniques.notebook

18 SMART technology as student assessment Elizabeth Epperson’s “Using Music” SMART project assessment Elizabeth Epperson’s “Using Music” SMART project assessment

19 Animoto Goal 4.01: “Evaluate the effectiveness of communication by: – Examining the use of strategies in a presentation/product – Applying a set of predetermined standards – Creating an additional set of standards and applying them to the presentation/product – Comparing effective strategies used in different presentations/products” Marzano’s Graphic Representation Relevance

20 Animoto Your students can set up a FREE animoto account by creating a username (email address) and password. Animoto Shorts are FREE. They can send their presentation to you at your email address by clicking “Video Toolbox,” then “Share,” then entering your school email address. Full-length videos require a minimal fee ($3 at present).

21 Animoto with Literature Sample Teacher Animoto used to represent “Mood” of a poem. Sample Student Animoto used to represent “Mood” of a short story. Created by Alex Fowler, Austin Crissman, Courtney Hegler, and Devin Hanks

22 Sample Animoto Assignment Using an Animoto Short, create a video presentation that accurately combines text, image, and sound to create a MOOD that is consistent with the PERSONALITY of the adult family member of your choice. Because you will create a Short, be very selective in the text, image, and sound you include.

23 Sample Student Animoto Megan Hale's Animoto Luke Haymore's Animoto Jordan Fulk's Animoto

24 Audacity Audio Editing for Teacher and Student Projects Students can save their work as wave files and then insert into multi-media projects.

25 Student Use of Audacity The following was done as part of a graphic representation assignment on Poe. As the group showed their graphic novel under the document camera, they played the audio file. The Raven by Luke and Cameron.wav

26 Student Use of Audacity cont’d These students used Audacity to edit an audio file that they later used as narration for a video. Annabel Lee4.wmv

27 Rally Round Robin Each pod member will state ONE idea, then the next pod member will state a different idea, on and on, continuously, until all pod members have run out of ideas or until time is called. Start with member 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then back to 1, etc. THINK (don’t talk yet!): What are some ways that you can use technology in your own English classes?

28 Senior Exit Projects Research Paper Product Multi-Media Presentation – Word Press Site – PowerPoint with Photo Story or Movie Maker embedded

29 PhotoStory Nathan Cain’s Photostory

30 MovieMaker Ethan Davis’ Movie

31 Deadlines for Exit Project Presentations Computer Lab Deadline sheet

32 WordPress Sites Hayley Durham’s site

33 Word Press Site Important Notes Reminders of Due Dates Supplementary Materials Review Games

34 Our Word Press Sites

35 Exit Card and Discussion On your exit card, please respond to the following: – One thing I discovered in this session that I am excited about it is... – One question that I have is... – One thing I would like to share is...

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