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Cornucopia of Technology David Keenan Presented to the Minnesota Futurists March 15, 2008.

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1 Cornucopia of Technology David Keenan Presented to the Minnesota Futurists March 15, 2008

2 Computerized Telekinesis Systems that monitor the electrical activity of the brain’s neurons and translate the data into commands, which are transmitted to a computer. CA-based NeuroSky & Emotiv, combined their devices with video games so users could control their avatars and cause on- screen objects to levitate simply by thinking of doing so. In a simulation conducted on the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” game, players were connected to a set of electrodes, and were shown to 'cast spells' and 'move' on- screen objects using their brain. They plan commercial launch in 2008. Tan Lee, Pres. Emotiv

3 Multi Gigabit Wireless Short Range High Bandwidth Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC) at Georgia Tech Exploring extremely high radio frequencies (60 GHz) in order to achieve broad bandwidth and high data transmission rates over short distances. So far, they have demonstrated date transfer rates of up to 15 gigabits per second (Gbps) at a distance of 1 meter Download a CD from a kiosk to a phone in 5 sec. Wireless HD DVD to Monitor Safe, low power, 60 Ghz is blocked by skin No interference as its blocked by walls Estimate 3 years to commercialization

4 Data Storage – 1 Terabyte CD Mempile, near Jerusalem, Israel - Teradisc Revolutionary new optical-storage technology currently under development will allow the equivalent of … 250,000 high-quality MP3s, or more than 115 DVD-quality movies and about 40 HD movies on a single CD-size medium. Write Once Read Many (WORM) 2 photon read/write method, 3D optical storage Chromophores in variation of PMMA At 200 layers a disc, future versions of the technology will make it possible to store up to 5TB of data per disc 2010 or so


6 Urban Solar Lighting "MAK" Museum of Applied and Contemporary Arts in Vienna, Austria. Jan. ‘08 This urban lighting project was produced and developed by the Artemide, Italy and Sharp Solar companies. The solar tree, designed by MAK's Ross Lovegrove, absorbs solar energy during the day and emits light in the nighttime. Using solar cell technology to light the streets is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly and economical, as it decreases electricity expenses. Champs Elysee, Paris

7 e Paper Plastic Logic, Cambridge, UK Polymer Vision, Eindhoven, Netherlands as well as HP, and Fujitsu, Xerox PARC’s Gyricon, SiPix, Freemont, CA Microcup – roll-roll process => Main obstacle is price, needs to be < $100 Color will be the ‘killer application” Introduced already but 2012 before mass market adoption

8 Polymer Vision’s Readius

9 Plastic Vision’s ePaper

10 Self Cleaning Fussy Fabrics Researchers at Monash University in Australia and Hong Kong Polytechnic University Developed a process that cause keratins to self clean and protect themselves from UV degradation. Keratins are a type of natural protein and the main structural constituents of animal tissues. If successful, wool skirts & silk ties may clean themselves

11 TIVO Your Life Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi Tokyo University School of Information Science and Technology Smart Goggles record everything you see and offer label ideas If you want to find your car keys, you ask your database to replay the video containing last view of car keys Could be the ultimate connection between the real world and the cyberworld and could eventually be loaded with vast quantities of data from the Internet. With that database installed, the glasses might actually know much more about what the wearer is seeing than the wearer himself—species of animal, technical specs of vehicles and electronics or even the identity of people.

12 Femto-second Laser UUL ultra-fast, ultra-intense laser Laser pulse durations of one quadrillionth of a second Univ. of Missouri researcher Robert Tzou Permits clean cuts, kill cancer cells without heating surrounding tissues Permits sintering of titanium nanoparticles to control the porosity of the bridge between implants and bone for better bonding No comment on timing yet. 14 Mar 08

13 Wi Fi Finder T Shirt Wi-Fi Detector shirt dynamically displays current Wi-Fi signal strength of either 802.11b or 802.11g networks The shirt is made of 100% cotton and the small display unit and 3 AAA-battery connector can be easily removed before laundry. The Wi-Fi Detector shirt should last for many hours, according to the ThinkGeek storeThinkGeek store On sale since Oct 07 for $29.99.

14 Airboard Scooter Innovative personal hovering scooter Uses an air cushion to glide above a variety of surfaces Airboard has a drive wheel for acceleration and directional control, as well as friction devices for steering and stopping. Among other maneuvers, the Hovering Scooter is capable of full 360 degrees turns, sliding stops and turns, and zigzag movements. Current price is around $15,000. short video demonstrating the Hovering Scooter herehere

15 Scoring Method of 5 coins Which ones do you feel are most significant? Which ones do you feel are most preferable?

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