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Solar System By Paige Hayford

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1 Solar System By Paige Hayford
The Solar System has eight planets including one Dwarf planet, Pluto. The Star at the center of Our Solar System is The Sun.

2 Sun The Sun is the Star in the center of The Solar System.
The Sun’s temperature is about degrees! That’s really hot!

3 Mercury The planet Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.
Did you know that Mercury is covered with craters?

4 Venus Venus is the Second planet from the Sun.
The first person to visit Venus was Mariner the 2nd in 1962.

5 Earth is the planet that humans first lived on, and still lives right now!

6 Mars Mars is the God of War. Mars is the Fourth planet from the Sun.

7 Asteroid Belt Asteroids and Comets only hit the Earth every 100 million years. 26 large Asteroids have been discovered says some scientists.

8 JUPITER If you visited Jupiter, you would be VERY HEAVY!!!!
Most of the storms on Jupiter never end.

9 Saturn Saturn is not perfectly round like the other planets.
Saturn is known for its rings.

10 Uranus Uranus was the first planet to be discovered with a telescope.
Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun.

11 Neptune Neptune has 6 rings that circle around Neptune.
For many centuries, people did not know that Neptune existed.

12 Pluto If you were on Pluto, you would definitely be very light!
Pluto is called a Dwarf planet because it is small. Pluto

13 Comets Comets are made out of dust and ice.
Comets melt in the inner Solar System. Comets

14 The Milky Way Galaxy The Milky Way Galaxy has millions of stars in it, and our Sun is just one of them. There are more Galaxies than just the Milky Way Galaxy .

15 Constellations A Constellation is a picture in the sky, at night, made out of Stars. Constellations are actually very high in the sky at night, even if it looks really close.

16 Stars Stars are actually big balls of gas, helium, and other sorts of things! Stars change different colors, they are not just white.

17 That’s the Solar System and some extra facts!
Hope you enjoyed!

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