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Chris Wilcox: CEO Matt Sieverson: CFO Cory Strasser: CIO.

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1 Chris Wilcox: CEO Matt Sieverson: CFO Cory Strasser: CIO

2 Our Questions:  How will an XML schema help us convert two different data types, such as between us and our suppliers?  Does XML validate the proper data type or correctness of the data?  How can a schema be changed to meet changes in demands as our business grows?  What are the cost associated with implementing an xml based system?  Will it require us to hire an IT professional?

3 Class thoughts: Reading List “The reading list was nicely done and the variety was nice. The videos gave a different perspective to people who may be more visual than standard.“ “Wow! This is a tough topic and I think this group did the best they could with it. I like the article “The Basics of XML” the best as it was the easiest to read.” Reading 6 didn't work. Very repetitive, kind of difficult to read.

4 Our Thoughts: Reading List  The introduction was to technical and long. One article explaining the differences between HTML, XHTML, and XML would have been better.  More readings on the uses of XML schemas as opposed to the explanation of what XML is.  Videos were explanatory and provided a break from highly technical readings.

5 Class Reaction to Presentation  Defined XML and Schema so that audience is up to speed. Did really well trying to keep everyone's attention and making sure you get your points across. The activity was a little difficult. Lots of energy!  The activity/handout was good. I think with a complicated subject like XML it is necessary to have the class actually participate.

6 Class Suggestion on Presentation  They went to long and the chalkboard demonstration was confusing, it should have been rehearsed before the presentation.  Overall not bad, I would have liked to see less reading off the slides, and could have been smoother, but I realize it was quite a hard topic to explain.

7 Our Thoughts on Presentation  High Energy  Addressed each of our questions  The class activity involved the class with a difficult topic.  Good use of time explaining a topic that even Dr. Sullivan said was challenging.  Became lost in slides  Chalkboard demonstration was hard to follow

8 Our Decision  An XML schema will help us to standardize data and is worth implementing.  We will look into purchasing Stylus Studio® to help us make a standardized schema.  We do not wish to hire an IT professional Chris will be going to summer school in England

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