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The Golden Compass Chapter 21

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1 The Golden Compass Chapter 21
Adam and Eve, “Original Sin,” Religious Oppression and Challenging Authority

2 Vocabulary Authority Original Sin Oppression (religious oppression)
Define Original Define Sin, combine the two Oppression (religious oppression) Rebellion Conformity Innocence

3 Adam and Eve Appear in Genesis (the first chapter) of the Bible
According to Christianity- first man and woman placed on Earth. Free of “sin” (evil) at first…

4 Original Sin A serpent (Satan/ “the devil”) tempts Eve with an apple from the tree of knowledge. Knowledge = sin (why?) Adam and Eve become aware of their nudity, cover themselves The source of evil for mankind (“original sin”)

5 Connection to the Golden Compass?
“…When Rusakov discovered Dust, at last there was a physical proof that something happened where innocence changed into experience” (Pullman 373). What does Dust represent? Loss of innocence + Knowledge

6 So what is Mrs. Coulter trying to do?
“Perhaps if the Daemon were separated from the body, we might never be subject to Dust- to original sin” (Pullman 375).

7 And what is Lord Asriel trying to do?

8 “I want to go to the source of Dust itself…From the other universe we can see through the Aurora…One of the uncountable billions of parallel worlds…if light can cross so can we” (376). “Somewhere out there is the origin or all the Dust, all the death, all the sin, the misery, the destructiveness in the world…and I’m going to destroy it. Death is going to die” (377).

9 So what are the THEMES? Knowledge vs. Ignorance
Innocence vs. Experience (coming of age) Religion vs. Religious Oppression Good vs. Evil Taking a stand vs. Going with the flow Free will vs. Conformity Loyalty vs. Heresy

10 Text to Self Connection
Is it better to conform to an idea or rebel against? (Heresy or Loyalty) What’s an issue in society you feel passionate about? Is the issue a matter of good and evil? Is it a matter of conformity or rebellion?

11 Tasks at hand… Essay/Presentation to be explained in more detail on Wednesday Today, research your issue in society (you may use the topic you had before) In the computer lab find 3 sources, cite in MLA format, write 2-3 sentences about each (due Wed) Homework/those not in the lab- read last two chapters (22-23) for Thurs, answer questions on Edmodo

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