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GIS IN GEOLOGY Miloš Marjanović Lesson 1 30.9.2010.

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1 GIS IN GEOLOGY Miloš Marjanović Lesson 1 30.9.2010.

2 Introduction 1. Organization 2. Themes & scope 3. Introduction chat

3 Introduction 1. Organization syllabus: Lectures As scheduled, variable in length, held in English, except for the guest speaker lessons Exercises Of-the-schedule, after we elaborate certain topics only, held in English, will require usage of ArcGIS software Examination Scheduled on the agreement, given and performed in English, will include test/written exercise which will require usage of ArcGIS software, weights 6 points, pre-examination NOT required

4 Introduction 1. Organization syllabus: Communication e-mail consultations on the agreement, office 2.14 web page Materials and resources Delivered through communication, will include raster and vector datasets from various case studies from Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic… Books:GIS for Geoscientists: modeling with GIS, G. Bonham-Carter Fundamentals of Geological and Environmental RS, R. Vincent Subsurface geotechnical modeling - PhD thesis, B. Orlić

5 Introduction 2. Themes: Geological modeling in general, Geological mapping, Mineral exploration, Groundwater exploration, Engineering Geology application, Geophysics, Applied Remote Sensing 23.9.--- 30.9.Introduction 7.10.Principles of Geological modeling with GIS 4.10.GIS in Geological mapping 21.10.GIS in landlside assessment 1 28.10.BANK HOLIDAY 4.11.GIS in landslide assessment 2 11.11.GIS in Mineral exploration 18.11.GIS in Geophysics 25.11.GUEST SPEAKER 2.12.? GIS in Groundwater exploration 9.12.? GIS in Geological Remote Sensing 16.12.PRE-EXAMINATION WEEK

6 Introduction 2. Scope: To convey different spatial modeling in order to have a better insight in possibilities, but also advantages, shortcomings, limitations etc. To routine the basic ArcGIS package tools and get familliarized with various Geo-processing software (GeoMapApp, Rockworks, IDRISI Taiga…)

7 Introduction 3. Introduction chat: Your interest in GIS in Geology Your Master thesis work

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