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GENERAL ELECTRIC Mari a Romero Eve Grong Yeongsoon Choi.

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1 GENERAL ELECTRIC Mari a Romero Eve Grong Yeongsoon Choi

2 What kind of business the company practice? – General Electric Company (GE) is a diversified technology and financial services company.

3 How big is the company? Subsidiaries GE Capital GE Energy, GE Technology Infrastructure GE Home & BusinessSolutions. Operation worldwide: Subsidiaries GE Capital, GE Energy, GE Technology Infrastructure, and GE Home & Business Solutions. $ billion Annual revenue: Net income US $ billion $ billion Total assets US: $ billion 305, ,000 employees

4 Where is the company headquarters located? General Electric Company (GE) 3135 Easton Turnpike Fairfield, Connecticut USA Telephone: (203) Fax: (203) Website:

5 Jeff Immelt GE president. The American Academy of Art & Science Chair of President Obama’s Council on Jobs President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

6 General Electric History General Electric-& Thomas-Houston Workshop GE Credit corp. GE is now a diversified company Charles A. Coffin *Financing Services *Power Generation *Water Processing *Security Technology * Media

7 *GE PRODUCTS* Residential Products Commercial Products Industrial Products GE Intelligent Platforms *Institutional Products

8 *GE SERVICES* GE Customer Center 3200 N. Grandview Blvd. Waukesha, WI Global Service Center 3114 N. Grandview Blvd. Waukesha, WI Schedule Home Service & Repair Schedule an appointment for all major appliances. Calling

9 Why is the company successful ? Global Strategies GE.COM

10 GE MARKETING $4 4 P’s for the company

11 Have you purchased the company’s products or services? C ustomer Service Board *Service is ranked #454 out of the #615 companies Out of 10 Issue resolution 1.5 Reachability 2.0 Cancellation 1.8 Friendliness 3.4 Product knowledge 2.7 Overall Rating(28.31) Marked as terrible

12 GE Matching gifts Super storm Sandy (2012)Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011) Natural Disaster Relief Skills- Based -Volunteering What good things does the company’s do outside ? GE FOUNDATION Public Policy

13 SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAMS: SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAMS: GE LULAC CEO GE Foundation CEO visiting a school. GE PJI (Pacific Justice Institute

14 WHAT ARE SOME INTERESTING FACTS? Big issues & respond *Pollution in the River Hudson *Began campaign imagination *Tax -Paid nothing in Donated $3.2billion of tax return


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