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General Electric Company

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1 General Electric Company
By: Magaly Rubio Tuyet Nguyen

2 Brief History of the Company
Founded in Schenectady, New York General Electric was formed by the merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Company GE had a long history of working with turbines GE has the fourth most recognized brand in the world, worth almost $49 billion

3 Headquarters Location
Fairfield, Connecticut

4 Company Business Electrical Appliances Financial Services
Commercial Finance Consumer Finance Aircraft Leasing Energy Financial Services

5 Major Products Jet engines Gas turbines Lighting Medical Technology
Electric motors Wind turbines Kitchen Appliances

6 Interesting Facts First to offer pre-wired Christmas light strings
Largest tax return in 2005 Company is 113 years old

7 Brief Description About Jeffrey R. Immelt
How Big is the Company? The company has 323,000 employees around the world, 17,000 supplies. Operation worldwide: Northern Asia, South East Asia, Australia, New-Zealand, Europe, Middle East Africa, South Africa, North America,   Latin America.   Annual revenue: $183 billon Brief Description About Jeffrey R. Immelt Mr. Jeffrey R. Immelt is president (GE’s chairman & CEO) In 1978, he earned a B.A degree & M.B.A in 1982 In 1982, he has held several global leadership He became an officer of GE in 1989 In 200, He was chief executive officer.

8 Company’s Success Techniques
Imagination at work Good product & services Strong leaders

9 GE Volunteers Community work Corporation donation

10 Thank You!

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