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Great Expectations Chapter 26 - 35.

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1 Great Expectations Chapter

2 Chapter 26 What might be the reason for Jagger’s immediate and almost exclusive interest in Drummle? Why does Dickens have Jaggers point out Molly’s wrists to his guests?

3 Chapter 27 Pip says he recognizes a type of dignity in Joe’s behavior. How has this shown to be true, so far? (You may refer to other chapters, as well.)

4 Chapter 28 What information is now revealed about “Pip’s convict”?
What might be the reason(s) for Pumblechook’s public announcement of taking credit for being Pip’s earliest patron and the founder of his fortune?

5 Chapter 29 How does the adult Pip describe his love for Estella?
What has become part of Estella’s beauty, and inevitably changed her? What does Pip believe (or hope) Miss Havisham plans to do with Estella?

6 Chapter 30 How has pip’s character advanced/changed in this chapter?

7 Chapter 31 Think about the way the audience heckles Wopsle. Also, think about the way the Trabb boy mimics Pip. How are they similar?

8 Chapter 32 Most of this chapter centers on Pip’s anxious wait for Estella’s coach. How does Dickens use foreshadowing in this chapter to maintain the reader’s interest?

9 Chapter 33 What does Pip hope Estella means when she tells him, “We are not free to follow our own devices, you and I”? What does Estella tell Pip that shows she does not agree with Miss Havisham’s plan to avenge herself against the male gender?

10 Chapter 35 Pip realizes that his attitudes and actions have affected those around him. Explain. How does Pip feel about his sister’s death?

11 Chapter 36 Why is Pip looking forward to his twenty-first birthday?
How does Pip show he is still a decent, thoughtful person at heart?

12 Chapter 37 How does Wimmick’s character portray a combination of both heart and intellect? Which of Pip’s guardians represents (and follows) the heart? Which of Pip’s guardians represents (and follows) intellect?

13 Chapter 38 What might be Estella’s reason to accept Drummle as a suitor?

14 Chapter 39 What peripeteia occurs at the end of the second stage of Pip’s expectations? What is an important piece of information Pip learns at this point in the story?

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