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Graph of Exponential Functions

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1 Graph of Exponential Functions
Chapter 3 Lesson G

2 Exponential Functions
The general exponential function has form f(x) = a^x where a>0, a≠1 y=0 is a horizontal asymptote

3 Example Graph y= 2^x

4 General Exponential Function
y= a x b ^(x-c) +d b controls how steeply the graph increases or decreases c controls horizontal translation D controls vertical translation and y=d is the equation of the horizontal asymptote

5 General Exponential Function
If a>0, b>1 If a>0, 0<b<1 If a<0, b>1 If a<0, 0<b<1

6 Horizontal Asymptotes
y= a x b ^(x-c) +d In this function y=d is the horizontal asymptote Using these you can obtain a reasonably accurate sketch of the graph Horizontal asymptote Y-intercept Two other points, say when x=2, x=-2

7 Example

8 Homework Page #1-5

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