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+ WELCOME WSPA!. Kersti joined WSPA in 2010 as Director of Development & Marketing. She works with the WSPA Canada fundraising team to oversee all aspects.

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2 Kersti joined WSPA in 2010 as Director of Development & Marketing. She works with the WSPA Canada fundraising team to oversee all aspects of revenue development. She brings nearly a decade of experience in direct marketing. In addition to working agency-side in the financial sector, Kersti spent a number of years at two leading Canadian fundraising agencies: Harvey McKinnon Associates and Stephen Thomas. At both agencies, she managed successful fundraising programs for a broad range of charities, from local grassroots organizations to major global brands. She also has a background in research, having worked in market research with Environics and in research communications for the University of Guelph. She has an Honours BA in European Studies from the University of Guelph, which included a year studying in Konstanz, Germany. She also completed a post- diploma in Corporate Communications at Seneca College. Kersti lives in the west end of Toronto with her big-boned rescue cat, Antoine. She volunteers with Amnesty International and Annex Cat Rescue. In her free time, she adores travelling, books and films, and cooking – accompanied by the odd glass of wine.

3 Melissa Matlow, Programs Officer Melissa Matlow is our Programs Officer and joined WSPA in 2005. Her work on WSPA’s Canadian Zoo Campaign in Ontario resulted in a commitment from the Ontario government to strengthen the Ontario SPCA Act and establish zoo regulations and standards. Before joining WSPA, Melissa was a campaigner at Earthroots where she helped achieve an Ontario wolf conservation strategy and permanent protection for Algonquin wolves through a year- round ban on hunting and trapping in 39 townships surrounding the park. Melissa has a Bachelor in Environmental Science majoring in ecology from the University of Guelph, and a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University. From naturalizing city parks to studying the effects of the global food system on women workers, Melissa has been involved in a diverse array of research projects. Her Masters research focused extensively on the implications of factory farming on consumer health, the environment, the workers and the animals. Melissa’s house is a 30-minute walk from the WSPA office. She lives with her husband Josh Matlow, an outspoken Toronto District School Board Trustee, and their damn good looking cat Tony.

4 Humber Fundraising and Volunteer Management Speaking Engagement 14 October 2010 WSPA Canada

5 About WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals Delivering animal welfare for over 25 years Merger of two organizations: International Society for the Protection of Animals and the World Federation for the Protection of Animals Incorporated as WSPA in 1981 WSPA is an animal welfare charity – focussed on the care and humane treatment of animals

6 Vision Our vision is a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends. This means: We work to reduce the suffering of animals. We strive to eliminate practices that cause animals pain and distress. We hope to end all cruelty and abuse of animals.

7 Values WSPA works to raise animal welfare standards around the world. We advocate that animals should be raised humanely on farms and transported and slaughtered without suffering. WSPA works in cooperation with more than 1,000 member societies in more than 150 countries. We work internationally and on greater range of animal issues. For WSPA, all animals (dogs, cats, farm animals, wildlife, marine animals) should have the ability to live free from unnecessary pain. WSPA is essentially against cruelty and abuse towards animals.

8 Programs Wildlife Companion Animals Farm Animals Disaster Management Legislation

9 Canadian Programs Captive Wildlife: Roadside zoos All zoos must meet professional animal welfare & public safety standards Licensing regulations for exotic animals. Farm Animals: Achieving more humane animal transport regulations Promoting humane food ( Legislation Animal cruelty provisions under Criminal Code drafted in 1892 Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

10 Global Network We work in cooperation with more than 1,000 member societies in over 150 countries. We are represented on numerous international bodies, including the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

11 International Structure Offices in 15 countries WSPA International (London) International board Canadian board

12 Canadian Office: Org Chart & Reporting Structure Silia Smith Regional Director Kersti Kahar Director, Development and Marketing Daisy Clark Online Fundraising Manager Roberto Belingueres Database Manager Ruth-Ann MacIntyre Supporter Development Manager Diane Wilputte Supporter Services Coordinator Kerstin Moller Major Gifts Manager Holly Hewitt Major Gifts Officer Pat Tohill Programs Manager Melissa Matlow Programs Officer Michelle Cliffe Communications Manager Josey Kitson Interim Regional Manager Vacant Website and Online Advocacy Manager Katherine Cook Receptionist/ Admin Asst

13 Staff Roles/Functions Regional Director: Responsible for all WSPA activities in N America Reports to Canadian and US boards Reports to Deputy Director General, HQ Interim Regional Manager: Supports regional member societies and companion animal work in Canada Supervises staff and oversees operations in Canadian office Reports to Regional Director

14 Staff Roles/Functions Director, Development & Marketing: Responsible for achieving revenue as per budget Supervises fund development staff Reports to Interim Regional Manager Fund Development Staff: Supporter Development Manager Online Fundraising Manager Major Gifts Manager Database Manager Major Gifts Officer Supporter Services Coordinator

15 Staff Roles/Functions Programs Manager: Develops and implements all Canadian-based programs and campaigns Manages international and national campaign and program initiatives in Canada Reports to Interim Regional Manager Programs Officer: Assists in the implementation and development of WSPA’s campaigns Conducts campaign initiatives in Canada Reports to Programs Manager

16 Staff Roles/Functions Communications Manager: Develops and executes communications strategy Responsible for offline comms and PR activity Manages media relationships Facilitates adherence to brand guidelines Reports to Interim Regional Manager Receptionist/Administrative Assistant: Reception and other administrative functions Communicates with French language constituency Reports to Interim Regional Manager

17 Volunteers Accommodate any level of commitment (min 3 months), match skills and interests Possible roles include: Administration Campaign assistance Online actions and research Fundraising Special events Agreement form includes clauses for confidentiality, supervision and volunteer safety

18 Role of the Development Team Raises funds Liaises with comms and programs teams Planning and budget process in conjunction with WSPA International Reports to WSPA International as follows: Quarterly reports Specific analysis (LTV, RFV, attrition, etc.) Year-end reporting Other as required

19 Fundraising 33,500 active supporters, including 9,500 monthly supporters. Total expected revenue in 2010: $5.2 million Total expected revenue by 2013: $7.6 million Channels used: direct mail, telemarketing, online, F2F, DRTV, major/corporate, affinity card, workplace giving

20 Fundraising We adhere strictly to CRA guidelines. Our commitment is that no more will be spent on administration and fundraising than is required to ensure effective management and resource development. In 2009, WSPA’s fundraising costs were $1,189,536 and income was $4,612,811 for a total fundraising ratio of 25%.

21 Fundraising

22 Board of Directors Canadian: Provides strategic advice and guidance on fundraising, budgets, program work and finances Ensures compliance with all legal and CRA requirements International: Provides strategic advice and guidance for the entire organization Final approval on all plans and budgets (programs, fundraising, etc.)

23 Bylaws Govern the conduct and operations of the BoD (Canadian and International), including: Nomination process Roles/responsibilities of members and committees Limits of authority Process for AGM Requirements for meeting minutes and statements of account

24 Policies & Procedures International policy governing aims, general principles, specific programs Canadian office policies/procedures cover: Privacy* Purchase authorization* Problem resolution* Workplace violence and harassment* Sick days/vacation days Petty cash Code of conduct * Handouts provided

25 Professional Development & Staff Recognition Each staff member allotted a small annual professional development budget Exceptions made for specific technical training Working towards more informal recognition for outstanding performance Annual holiday party for staff hosted by Regional Director, summer staff appreciation BBQ

26 Culture Professional Social Moving towards a culture of increased collaboration

27 Thank you!


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