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Efforts By- PRANOY SALUJA Class-VIII-E Roll No.-40.

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1 Efforts By- PRANOY SALUJA Class-VIII-E Roll No.-40

2 These plastics have linear arrangement And can be moulded Into any shape on heating. These plastics have a variety of Uses..

3  They are useful for a variety of applications, including consumer goods, machine parts, and packaging and storage materials  They are used extensively,, in medical practice. They are applied for numerous purposes, such as bags for infusion solutions, components of medical devices,disposables (for instance syringes or tubing) and implants such as artificial heart valves and joints.  Thermoplastics areUsed in Construction, Pipes, Electronics, Fittings, Floor,Wall Coverings and Insulation Materials BY- KHUSHI

4 Pros -Highly recyclable -Aesthetically-superior finishes -High-impact resistance -Remolding/reshaping capabilities -Chemical resistant -Hard crystalline or rubbery surface options -Eco-friendly manufacturing Cons -Generally more expensive than thermoset -Can melt if heated By Ujjuwal

5 Thermoplastics typically have high molecular weights.In them the monomers are arranged in straight line and are not cross – linked.As a result, thermoplastics can be repeatedly softened (or hardened) by an increase (or decrease) in temperature. This type of phase change without a chemical reaction permits the recycling of thermoplastic scraps. Thermoplastics are recyclable, it is very likely that a small degree of chemical change (e.g., oxidation, thermal degradation) takes place during processing. By Ishita


7 Group - 7

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