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Family Practice Residency Annual Orientation

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1 Family Practice Residency Annual Orientation
Gail Feinberg, DO, FACOFP, M.Ed Director of Medical Education 2014

2 Objectives Review program and updates
Brief review of program training manual Brief description of expectations Didactics Clinic hours Call Other information regarding the residency

3 Residency Manual Has now been ed. Should have provided a signed copy of receipt form OLBH employee handbook Given at OLBH New Employee Orientation July 14, 8am-4pm, Bellefonte Center 5th Floor boardroom for Dr. Smith

4 Manual Highlights Program Director Description – superseded by agreement between OLBH/Feinberg and Howard Research Moonlighting Prescription writing Even with full license and DEA only preceptor/attending can write for narcotic rx in clinic Requirements for Promotion/Graduation

5 Professionalism Cell phone Dress Code Attendance Addressing Preceptors

6 Other Wiki ACOFP paperwork (done by DME) SOLE survey (for MSOPTI)
Quarterly evaluation (by PD/DME) Clinical Preceptor Evaluation Evaluation of service by resident Time sheet Logs ACOFP paperwork (done by DME) SOLE survey (for MSOPTI)

7 Other OMM eval expectations for hospitalized patient
OMM glossary OMT coding Written in admission note Research information Resident Job Description Standards of Practice for Resident

8 Didactics Journal Club IM FP FIRST Thursday of the month
Residents responsible for selection of articles Refer to Wiki (and/or printed list in resident lounge) for who is on what month and the topic MUST have them to DME office 1 week before Will pull Saturday call if not turned in on time No peds or OB articles. Can only use NEJM once during the year FP THIRD Thursday of the month Students responsible for selection of articles

9 Didactics Attendance expectation Chief to collect sign in
What does 80% mean? Chief to collect sign in Unexcused attendance paper on topic discussed More than 2 unexcused Will meet before Medical Education Committee for formal discussion

10 Didactics Tumor Board MSOPTI lectures Mandatory Thursdays, noon
Will be on weekly schedule when planned Watch for on Thurs if cancelled MSOPTI lectures Although given live Tues noon and Thurs 8am, we watch them taped Once a quarter live OMT (dinner provided)

11 Didactics Resident Teaching Resident Grand Rounds
Run all Yale one month Resident will lecture on “bread and butter” ambulatory care topic Give topic to Chief Resident and/or DME for posting on Wiki …to avoid duplication Resident Grand Rounds Resident lead – in front of room Presentation of case admitted the night before or interesting case on “days” Find teaching elements Not power point format Attending physicians are in room as proctors/hecklers

12 Didactics Other Live Lectures Practice Management Series
Mandatory attendance Based on resident requests/wish list Also include Pulm/Sleep medicine, pharma sponsored speakers, ER lectures, FP lectures, Peds lectures OK for residents to recruit live lectures Practice Management Series Mandatory 20 total hours during 3 year residency

13 Didactics Other M&M Will be given by resident the month AFTER either ICU or Inpatient Medicine Days Residents – it’s ok to recruit speakers for live lectures Just not 1st or 3rd Thursday morning. Monthly calendar availability

14 Curriculum 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 I II III IM IM nights ER OB SURG

15 Elective rotations 5 electives
OGME 1 – 1 OGME 2 – 1 OGME 3 - 3 If felt more time needed on a specific rotation (eg IM Days), medical education committee may “assign” one of the electives as another month (hence the **)

16 Other rotations required by ACOFP
Behavioral Health Community Medicine Hope’s Place Free clinic Occupational Medicine

17 Other rotations required by ACOFP
Sports Medicine Impact Program School pre-participation physicals Geriatrics Longitudinal in years 2 and 3 Resident is first call

18 Resident Teaching Expectations
Medicine/ICU Bread and Butter Grand Rounds WVSOM education days Presentation counts as “Statewide” presentation for Residency Project Table trainers for OMT Assist with clinical skills labs (August/September)

19 WVSOM education days Third Friday of each month
At OLBH/SMMC alternately 3-4x/yr “COILS” – OMM presentation Will be at SMMC but residents invited and encouraged to be table trainers Skills labs – can come to teach/update yourselves If stay entire day – will be asked to review student lecture presentations

20 Other Mandatory Activities
WVSOM midwinter Resident seminar Hinting at changing that to spring or summer for better weather WVSOM simulated patients Once during residency in Lewisburg or Charleston Residency to pay for mileage/gas whichever is less KOMA Resident Saturday DME will give notice if NOT mandatory at least 1 month prior to conference Residency will pay for registration. CME for hotel if stay more than 1 day.

21 Other Mandatory Activities
Annual Orientation Residency Graduation Nursing Home rounds ACLS/BLS Morning Didactics if rotation is not linked to another hospital

22 MSOPTI lectures Telehealth/Youtube One Thursday/mo 8-9am*
One Tuesday/mo noon* * will be shown recorded at 7-8am One OMM session with lab each quarter Thurs 6- 8pm Mandatory Expected to watch webinar if not present at time of presentation if not excused.

23 MSOPTI Library facilities Procedures Consult Chief Resident’s council
Through WVSOM Procedures Consult Chief Resident’s council Mid Winter Seminar Research assistance

24 Core competencies Medical Knowledge OMM Patient Care Professionalism
Interpersonal/communication Practice based learning/improvement Systems based practice

25 OSCE (but it’s not) NOT a PE exam Clinical skills
Also can look at professionalism, cultural issues, etc. Part of core competency evaluation Mandatory in either 1st or 2nd year (repeat in 3rd if poor performance)

26 Requirements for promotion
PGY1 to PGY2 Must have Kentucky license Can remain on rotations but will still be considered PGY1 Once have IP license will get pay increase to PGY2

27 Requirements for promotion
PGY2 to PGY3 Passage of COMLEX 3 MUST show proof to DME – copy for your residency file Will be removed from rotations at conclusion of PGY2 rotations (per AOA requirement) Leave without pay Request that you take COMLEX 3 before 6 month mark of 2nd year

28 Requirements for promotion
SOLE survey Attendance at ACOFP Once in either 2nd or 3rd year Something in writing for residency file Research project ALL hospital and office work completed

29 Requirements for promotion/graduation
? Numbers of ambulatory patients seen May need to take another elective to meet requirements Receipt of “diploma” does not guarantee completion of program Still have to file forms with ACOFP ACOFP has to provide final verification to program

30 Continuity Clinic OLBH Primary Care FLATWOODS Dr. A. Lobach
2420 Argillite Road (606) or Dr. A. Lobach Dr. Kevin Howard Lisa Pennington, PA-C

31 Clinic Hours Flatwoods primary site ½ day a week PGY 1
Dr. Kevin Howard supervising physician ½ day a week PGY 1 3 separate ½ day sessions PGY 2/3 AM hours start 8:00am - Noon PM hours start 1:30-5:30pm

32 Chart Documentation Every Hospital Admission Every Office Chart
OMT eval expected and MUST be in your H&P FULL H&P Preventive measures in ROS epss/USPSTF Every Office Chart Must be co-signed by preceptor Document health maintenance Assessment in chart must match diagnosis on billing sheet exactly

33 Chart Documentation MUST let Medicare know that this is a residency clinic Billing and coding separate lecture…however… GE modifier – you saw the patient on your own (will NOT apply for the first 6 months of PGY1) GC modifier – the preceptor saw the patient after you did and performed their own exam First 6 months of PGY1 year ANY or or greater visit

34 Other Information Geriatrics Electives
Continuity starts midway through PGY 2 Derek Jones, DO Patient panel of 7-8 residents of Trinity Station Electives Sooner select the better Request 2 months in advance or may end up on vacation

35 Other Information Vacation
Ignore paycheck information re vacation and sick time 15 days per year plus any days program assigns for conference (e.g., KOMA, WVSOM Doctor Days) Use it/loose it Space it out – can’t use all at end of academic year NO vacation last 2 weeks of June No more than 5 days consecutively Not while on Medicine rotations MUST request 3 months in advance

36 Other Information CME $$ Use it/loose it Licensing
Will pay for KY licensing WV license fees would come out of your CME allowance Watch timing for filing information 1st year under watch of OLBH

37 Program does NOT cover Licensing other than KY ACOFP conference
Board fee (for board certification) Salary over 12/36 months of mandatory rotations

38 Important Numbers Door codes Key to Education Classroom
Mail Room Call room Key to Education Classroom Located at switchboard #61

39 Important Numbers Feinberg Flatwoods (606) 836-3900 Howard
Cell (606) ERC office (606) Fax (606) SMMC office (304) Fax (304) Flatwoods (606) Howard

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