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The 4 s of Problem Solving [ open HD video ]open HD video.

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1 The 4 s of Problem Solving [ open HD video ]open HD video


3 The Goal Create a list of specifications that outline all the details that someone needs to know to be able to successfully complete a task.

4 The Job Take the words and ideas from the person who has the problem and translate them into precise technical terms that the person(s) solving the problem will understand.

5 3 Major Benefits 1. Addresses a major aspect of human nature: Procrastination

6 3 Major Benefits 2. Forces the student to learn the value of taking into account how they are going to be rewarded for their work.

7 3 Major Benefits 3. Gives leverage to the person doing the work rather than to the one asking for the work to be done.

8 Using a Form Let the students help design the form that they will use for the tasks given to them.


10 Skills and Knowledge The student is to identify the specific knowledge they will need to implement their plan successfully.

11 Benefits 1.Students begin to take responsibility for identifying and pursuing their own learning. 2.Differentiated instruction.

12 Using a Form Break large tasks into a logical sequence of smaller subtasks.

13 Design Timeline


15 Students often remark that doing the actual work on a project is anticlimactic. Follow the Design

16 For students to learn the skill of time management, they must be monitored throughout the project. Monitor Throughout


18 Return to D #1 The Define step could be used as a tool to assess the quality of the completed project.

19 Follow up to the predetermined contract/rubric.

20 3 Major Benefits 1. Awareness of the quality of the work. 2. View problem solving as cyclical instead of linear. 3. Student participation makes evaluation more transparent.

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