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Democracy and Peace building in Burundi and the DRC.

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1 Democracy and Peace building in Burundi and the DRC

2 Contents General situation in Burundi General situation in DRC ICCO approach P&D Main themes in Burundi Main themes in DRC P&D in Capacity Building

3 Situation in Burundi New government Demobilisation and disarmament  banditisme FNL Justice and impunity Return of refugees and issue of land Role ONUB and International Actors

4 Situation in the DRC Transition  Elections  Post Elections Integration, Demobilisation, Disarmament, Reintegration Return of Refugees Role MONUC and I.C.

5 Threats to Peace and Democratisation in DRC Election process / Post Elections National and Foreign Armed Groups (Mai Mai, FDLR) Ethnic Tensions Relationship/Influence Neighbouring Countries

6 ICCO and the Great Lakes Peace and Democratisation as an umbrella theme for Burundi, the DRC and Rwanda Conflict Transformation Emphasis on: Region Cooperation Complementarity Strategy Development

7 Structural Violence New Violence Severe violation of Human Rights Truth and struggle against Impunity No ViolenceJustice Stability and Institutionalisation Transition Absence Human Rights Crisis Post-conflict Democratisation Peacebuilding Peace and Democratisation

8 Main Themes Burundi Democratisation Defend rights of minority groups Inform population via radio Justice International lobby for human rights and impunity Peace and conflicttransformation Peace committees Reintegration ex-combattants Support streetchildren and reintegrate them in society Reintegration of refugees

9 Main Themes for the DRC Democratisation at Base Level –Democratisation within NGO –Democratisation Grassroot level/local Govt. Civic Education Justice –Impunity –Sexual and Gender Based Violence –Human Rights –Sensibilisation Human Rights Peace Building –Peacefull Co-existence –Access to Land / Return of Refugees

10 Capacity Building Programme Organisational Development Institutional Development Peace and Democratisation / Human Rights  Network development Strategy Development for each Country Contribute to ICCO Regional Policy

11 Thank you!

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