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Chapter Issue: To what extent can nationalism lead to ultranationalism?

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1 Chapter Issue: To what extent can nationalism lead to ultranationalism?

2 How Have People Responded to Ultranationalism? Ultranationalism infects all aspects of a country’s life: Social Economic Cultural Spiritual Ultranationalists … prey on people’s fears, and, Use propaganda to spread hatred

3 Appeasement as a Response to Ultranationalism After WW I and Great Depression people wanted peace … no more war. Appeasement means … ‘Giving into the demands’, i.e., Adolph Hitler and Nazis Since 1935,Germany expanding territory 1938 PM’s in UK, Italy, France concerned and met with Hitler Wanted to discuss Germany's takeovers

4 Appeasement as a Response to Ultranationalism Agreement/Appeasement … If Hitler stopped there, no more takeovers, then PM’s would not contest takeover in Czech. Appeasement not in favor of all, i.e., UK’s Churchill Germany continues its takeovers Appeasement failed!

5 Failure of League of Nations This group created after WWI 58 countries, including Canada, UK, France, etc Based on three principles Order aggressor to leave Impose trade sanctions, penalties Use military force Problem with L o N was member countries not required to provide troops Japan/China example

6 Ethiopia Another example of L o N failure Italy wanted this territory Mussolini fought with allies for support, thus wanted Ethiopia as a reward for support Broken deal! Invaded Ethiopia Haile Selasse, Emperor of Ethiopia, asked League for help League called for trade sanctions, but it failed UK and France afraid to enforce sanctions because Mussolini might split with allies and join Germany and Japan Ethiopia got no support

7 War as a Response to Ultranationalism Appeasement not working UK, France declare war, Canada joins PM appeals to Canadians … Read page 151, PM’s quote Was it a form of propaganda?

8 Total War Canada’s national interest was the war effort! Germany was seen as the ‘evil enemy’ Fighting for freedom of Mankind Propaganda campaigns to raise $$ to support war Restrictions on employers Official censorship on … Speeches for radio, newspaper articles Military read letters of soldiers to family members Revealing information was blacked out

9 Conscription in Canada Germany, Italy, Japan, Soviet Union believed in compulsory service or conscription to military Conscription was not limited to dictatorships In Canada, this created friction between English and French Riots and protests in Montreal, Quebec City against forced military service

10 Internment in Canada WWI saw Canada caught up in racism and extreme nationalism Canadians of German, Italian, Japanese decent were targets and discriminated against Japanese most severely affected 1942, Japanese Canadians in western Canada rounded up and transported to internment camps in BC or on prairie farms Gov. seized Japanese homes, property, businesses and sold them, used $$ to pay for keep of people in camps

11 Peacekeeping United Nations (UN) following WWII 1956 Suez Canal crises Linking the Red Sea with Mediterranean Sea Fees collected for use, profits went to companies In 1956, Egypt seizes control Response? Israeli, British and French forces invade canal zone Lester Pearson, PM Canada, proposed idea of peacekeepers while diplomacy looked for a settlement Welcome idea and UN agreed to send peacekeeping forces

12 Peacekeeping Canadian government believed in a peaceful world It was a national interest Participating in peacekeeping missions is important part of Canada's foreign policy Lester B Pearson wins the Nobel Peace in 1957 for his work and efforts.

13 Conclusion Write a 2-paragraph response to this question Should peacekeeping forces carry guns? Agree and disagree with the argument Text page 154.

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