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Canada’s Prime Ministers 1948- 1968. Louis St. Laurent.

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1 Canada’s Prime Ministers 1948- 1968

2 Louis St. Laurent

3 1948-1957 Liberal Known as “Uncle Louis” Encouraged Newfoundland to join Confederation Pushed Canada’s economy forward Oil, nickel, zinc, copper and iron Mega-projects


5 John Diefenbaker

6 1957-1963 Progressive Conservative - won largest majority in Canadian history in 1958 Known as “The Chief” Social assistance from East to West: Pensions for the elderly, veterans, and disabled, aid given to the Prairie farmers and the Atlantic provinces Brought in the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1960


8 Lester B. Pearson

9 1963-1968 Liberal UN Minister of External Affairs. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 Appointed the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Federal-provincial relations included Medicare, pension plan and allowed provinces to “opt out”


11 Pierre Elliott Trudeau

12 1968-1979 Liberal “Trudeaumania” Believed in a strong federal government Passed Official Languages Act in 1969


14 Canada’s MEGA Projects 1950s and 1960s

15 Trans-Canada Highway Officially opened in 1962 7821 km of highway Connected Vancouver to St. John’s Emphasized the growing importance of the automobile


17 Trans-Canada Pipeline Construction started in 1956 Gas line from Alberta to central Canada

18 St. Lawrence Seaway Canada went along with the project in 1941, after the US failed to uphold their agreement to construct Opened in 1959: largest managed waterway in the world Provides passage to and from the Great Lakes from the Atlantic Ocean Created huge hydroelectric projects Known as the “Master Project of the North American Continent”


20 Toronto Subway Canada’s first underground subway Opened in 1954 Last original train retired in 1990 (it was only supposed to last 18 years!)

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