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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Battle over Free Silver vs. Gold Standard.

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1 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Battle over Free Silver vs. Gold Standard

2 The Debate Free Silver – More money – Pay off debts inflation Gold Standard – Money back by gold Made it more valuable Less money in circulation – deflationary

3 The Supporters Silver – Populists – Northern farmers and southerners – Westerners – William Jennings Byan 1896 election “Cross of Gold” speech Gold – Republicans – Indutrialists/Capitalists

4 1900 Presidential Election Bryan: Democrat – Anti-imperialist – Free Silver William McKinley: Republican – Pro-War – Gold Standard Bryan attacked – Unpatriotic – Drops anti-imperialist stance Pushes Silver issue – Loses

5 Frank Baum Populist Supports Silver Publishes “The Wizard of Oz” in April 1900 – In the midst of election – Extremely popular – Doesn’t help Bryan – Does help state elections

6 The Elections of 1884 Blaine (Rep.) v. Cleveland (Dem.) – Mugwumps Liberal Republicans that leave party and join Democrats – “Rum, Romanism, and rebellion” Seen as slander on Catholic church – Cleveland WINS

7 Cleveland Presidency Well liked by most – Went up against politicians, pressure groups, and Tammany Hall Tariff Issue – Want to lower tariff to curb abuses of Congress Republicans wanted it raised Becomes issue in 1888 election

8 Election of 1888 & 1892 1888 – Cleveland loses electoral vote to Benjamin Harrison but wins popular vote 1890 mid-terms – Democrats sweep Congress 1892 – Cleveland wins Only president voted out and back in 4 yrs later

9 Panic of 1893 Railroads and Loans from England – Took them out to pay for expansions – British hard times Call in loans – Reading and Philadelphia RR fail – Stock Market Crashes Hard times – Especially for farmers

10 Coxey’s Army Jacob Coxey – Advocates the creation of public works programs to put people to work – 500 march on Washington with petition Kept out of capital by armed police Congress ignores them WHY? – radicalism

11 Election of 1896 McKinley (Rep.) vs. Bryan (Dem.) Big Issue is the Gold Standard vs. Free Silver – Thousands donated to McKinley by businessmen Fear of free silver and inflation McKinley Wins

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