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2 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, START YOUR COMPUTERS Let’s get it started in here..

3 Goals for the training  You will  Set up your iPad  Back it up to your computer  Get familiar with iTunes store & library  Learn ISD policy and procedures  Register iPad with our tech department  Get you out as soon as we can

4 The Swiss army knife of the classroom  Check out this video about Emma and her husband 

5 iPads do a lot – but not everything

6 Using it with Students

7 Before getting your ISD iPad  Enterprise vs Personal iPad  Apple has different rules  Buy an app for each device  Move all personal devices – iPad/iPod, (or music) linked to your ISD iTunes account to a different account  Don’t even try to charge a non JCISD device to your computer

8 Using iTunes  Apple ID = ISD email only  Managing devices  Only ISD devices managed on ISD computer  Computer Authorization for iPad  Only your ISD computer should be authorized  Payment Type  no payment option (recommended option)  Associate a credit card  iTunes card

9 Got iTunes????  Store to buy apps, books, music…  Library of what you ‘bought’  Use iTunes to ‘buy’ at store  Apple ID = ISD email address  Password to ISD iTunes account

10 Following AirPlane safety

11 No Credit  May need a Credit Card to create an iTunes account, not to use it  So let’s remove it  Open iTunes  Go to iTunes store  Click on your Apple ID (left side)  Click Account (enter your password to sign into your account)  Click on Edit next to Payment Type  Choose NONE

12 Purchasing apps  Buy one app for each iPad *  Free apps  iTunes cards - Laurie On the spot can’t wait Sales tax are charge with each app Not efficient  Volume Purchasing Program  Set up at Torrant  Laurie will handle for OT/PT/Nurses Buy 20 or more of the same app ½ price Need individuals to recommend apps

13 Using iTunes on your computer  In your computer’s picture folder make a new folder  Name new folder: iPad photos  Select and copy a few photos to this new folder  Pictures you want on your iPad should be saved here

14 Using iTunes Store  Download Books  Free books iPad User Guide  Free apps – examples  Scan  iBooks  iPad tips & tricks Lite

15 iPad Reference Card  Very basic info  Good for First Timers  Did not copy for all  Available on website at end of this slide show  http://ipadsandyou.pbwork http://ipadsandyou.pbwork

16 Classroom safe case  Case stay in provided case,  protects all four corners  screen

17 Stand

18 Give an honest person  A means for returning your lost items  Mark your stuff with ISD phone Your Cell phone  iPad  Synch cable  Charging block

19 Out of the Box!  Turn on iPad  Decisions to make (iCloud, Location etc)  iCloud  Synch to Cloud okay Eventual charges Ultimate control  Back up to Computer Recommended

20 Get to know your iPad  Sleep  Home  Side Switch to  Mute or lock rotate  Volume

21 Get to know your iPad

22 Note: These are tabs Scroll down to these setting options Syncing iPad to iTunes

23 Syncing your iPad with your iTunes  Plug iPad into computer  Allow iPad to be recognized  Using the tabs adjust the following:  Summary—manually manage music and videos  Apps Only those checked will be synched  Books Only those checked will be synched  Photos from your computer – selected folders

24 Setting up email  Settings – Mail, Contacts, etc.  Add account  Microsoft Exchange  Complete w ith your email info Server: Domain : (leave blank) User : YOUR first.last name Password : YOUR login password Desc. : Work (or whatever you like)

25 Take a Screenshot  Screenshot  Snaps a picture of the iPad’s screen  Automatically saves in Photos  Simultaneously click  On/off/sleep button Top edge  Home button Bottom front  Listen for the Snapshot sound SUCCESS!

26 Keeping Tech HAPPY  To Register you iPad w/Tech  Go to settings  Find General About 7 lines down  Click on About Should look similar to this  Take a screenshot Together hold Sleep & Home Top edge and bottom front Listen for the sound

27 Email a Photo  Go to Home Screen Round button on front  Tap Photos icon  Find screenshot  Tap it  Tap Share On upper right corner  Tap Mail  Email will open  Send email to   Include  ASSET TAG Number As subject of email Four digit number On tag with your iPad  Check that it is being sent from Your Email

28 Email a Photo include Asset Tag #  Send email to   Include  Check that it is being sent from Your Email  Your ASSET TAG Number On tag of blue ipad bag Enter as subject of email Four digit number

29 Find my iPad  Set up the Find my iPad  Under Settings – iCloud  Be sure it is turned on  If asked click Allow

30 iOS 6 or 7  Newbies update it iOS NOW!  Oldbies depends  Are the apps you use ready?  Can you get by without some apps for awhile?  Nice improvements

31 How to  Settings – General  Settings – General – Accessibility  Speak select  Zoom  MultiTask

32 Resources  Place to find iPad resource info for JCISD iPad users  You do not need to type http://  There is no www in this URL

33 Going Forward  TLC  Sessions for newbies  First one to update to iOS 7  Then basic stuff  Everyone  Tech 4 TC (and others)  Pizza and tech talk starting before TC meetings  iPads and You website

34 Explore  Go to the App Store  ‘buy’ Dragon Dictate  ‘buy’ Zite  Explore Apps on iPad  Safari – web browser  Notes  iBooks  Toontastic  Dragon – requires WiFi to work

35 Redeeming iTunes card  On iPad  In iTunes

36 Finding Good Apps  40 BILLION apps have been downloaded from the app store as of January 7, 2013

37 Gross motor apps to encourage movement and sensory/motor:  MotionMaze (free): hold your iPad and move your body to navigate the maze -   FitQuest Lite (free): your movement helps the squirrel get to the tree house –   Dance Party Zoo (2.99): dancing animals gets you up and moving –   Move Like Me (1.99): dance/movement/memory game all in one –   Easter Egg n Spoon Race (.99): your iPad or iPhone acts as the spoon as you walk with your virtual egg - !/id299953012?mt=8!/id299953012?mt=8  Moto Racing Fever (free): tilt the iPad to steer the bike – 

38 When looking in App Store  Check  Last update  Number of reviews Look for largest number of reviews  Typically: nothing less than 4 star  Look in iTunes  Look on the iPad  Apple Store, filter  Online Sources

39 Mark Coppin’s list serv 


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