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The Role of a Librarian in the IB Curriculum

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1 The Role of a Librarian in the IB Curriculum
Klaudia Janek, MLIS International Academy November,

2 Today’s Presentation My Background Our Library
IB expectations Role within the IB Curriculum Student/project examples Collaboration Things I share with my teachers

3 IB Librarian training Undergraduate degree (in anything)
Master degree in Library and Information Science Teacher certification IB Level 1, 2, 3 librarian training National and State Associations: ALA, YALSA, AASL, MAME, MACUL

4 Poll Everywhere Teacher Poll

5 A Vision of Students today
by Michael Wesch at Kansas State University

6 Our Library 12,000 Volumes 600 Reference ebooks CD collection
DVD collection Databases ($3.9 million)

7 Guidelines for IB School Libraries
3 levels of interaction between librarians and teachers: Cooperation Coordination Instructional Collaboration

8 My Professional Philosophy
Create lifelong learners Provide the best quality information to staff and students Assist and train with new technology Create a welcoming atmosphere in physical Media Center Collaborate across the curriculum Integrate IB philosophy into lessons and projects

9 Skills Identified in the IB Curriculum
Critical reading, thinking, analysis and reflection Personal communication skills Learning and inquiry skills Higher order thinking Reasoning skills Personal reflection Decision-making Planning skills Time management Writing skills Research skills Ability to discriminate (between truth and opinion) Cooperative work Study skills/information literacy/study habits/academic rigor

10 For Students… Try to convey to students that the physical library is not the only place to get information. I’m trying to teach the students part of our library is available 24/7. The “free-web” is NOT the only source of information. Website Evaluation lesson for all 9th graders

11 For Students… MLA & Plagiarism Using Gale Databases
Using ebook reference collection Using the Web 2.0 Promoting reading Readers’ advisory

12 Collaboration across the curriculum
Blackboard Wikis Blogs Gale Databases GoogleGroups GoogleDocs

13 Other stuff to do/follow
– follow me - kjanek IBO on Facebook Voicethread Karl Fisch David Warlick

14 The Digital Age To maintain core beliefs while being flexible enough to learn new things The Machine is Us/ing Us IA Library Wiki

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