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Teaching in Troubled Times Diana Rogers-Adkinson CCBD President Presented to Illinois Council for Behavior Disorders February 4, 2012.

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1 Teaching in Troubled Times Diana Rogers-Adkinson CCBD President Presented to Illinois Council for Behavior Disorders February 4, 2012

2 Abstract Why we are - where we are- and what we can do about it. This session will discuss the issues politically and culturally that caused the current public demonization of educators both at the state and national level. Current stressors and strategies for responding in a tough political climate will be discussed.

3 October 23, 2011 Yet One More Doomed Education Reform By Robert WeissbergRobert Weissberg Sidetracking the Debate on Teacher Quality Have high expectations given way to the lowest common denominator? By Roy E. Barnes & Joseph A. Aguerrebere Jr. By Amy Bingham Feb 23, 2011 Teachers’ Union Chief: Wis. Gov ‘Wants to Take Away People’s Voice’

4 The Challenge Each generation we are forced to reconsider our beliefs of the role of educators within the context of larger educational trends and pressures. What is our voice to look like in the future?

5 What do educators do?

6 Unions

7 Unions as spokesperson Q&feature=related


9 Agenda in Education Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Resolution Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Resolution The Special Needs Scholarship Act Autism Scholarship Program Act Next Generation Charter Schools Act Parent Trigger Act

10 Charter School Ad er_embedded& er_embedded&v=Zqjk3Giy8Ak

11 “Wisconsin public school teachers could be fired or disciplined if their students don’t score high enough on standardized tests. That’s the premise of a bill passed by state Senate 10/20/11 afternoon. The measure passed on a 17-16 party line vote, with all Democrats voting no. Under the current law, test scores can be used in evaluating teachers – but not for discipline or dismissals.”


13 The solution in Idaho “The Wendell district decided to base merit pay bonuses on parental involvement at high school conferences because participation has been a problem in the past, Superintendent Greg Lowe said. Now, up to 70 percent of the potential bonus available to employees is based on how many parents show up for the conferences.” (

14 BOSTON — An advocacy group pressing for a ballot law that would force schools to prioritize teacher effectiveness over seniority in hiring, layoff, and transfer decisions says it has amassed more than 100,000 voter signatures ( fire-teachers-based-on-effectiveness-not-tenure)

15 Stand for Children is an innovative, grassroots education advocacy organization. As Massachusetts’ leading voice for kids, Stand for Children members’ ultimate mission is to ensure that all students in the Commonwealth get the excellent public education and strong support they need to thrive. Our members believe we need to stand up for our children now to create a better future here in Massachusetts, and across the country. ( /Summary.aspx?PeriodId=2011&RefId=5993-( /Summary.aspx?PeriodId=2011&RefId=5993-) Listed officially as a lobby organization

16 Dividing a field Young vs. Seasoned Administrators vs. Teachers General vs. Special Education (

17 Are we preparing to work in a field with these new challenges of accountability and hostility toward the profession?

18 Measurement of Teacher Education

19 Arnie… Every teacher of record, no matter his or her pathway to the profession, must have significant exposure and clinical experience in the field teaching a diverse set of students. State and district education leaders should ensure that all teachers complete a multi-year induction program, which have been shown to increase new teacher effectiveness and decrease attrition rates. Evaluation systems should be designed and used for the purpose of improving instructional practice and student achievement.

20 Comparisons to Medicine Expanded clinical experiences Extended residency Drawing parallels to a medical student who tries to intubate a patient incorrectly, Birr Moje asked, why permit similar mistakes in the training educators? “We would never allow that in medical practice so why are we allowing it with our children and young people – why let people out and learn on other people’s children?” she asked. ( impact/2011/10/ed-school-hosts-7th-annual- jeanne-s-chall-lecture/)

21 The Louisiana Way Value Added Teacher Education Our alumni’s impact as ours Competition – Funding follows the high performing TEPs


23 What does a standardized test measure? Praxis, Pearson and other exams – First day, first month

24 The Important of Standards Minimums of knowledge and skills First do no harm First year of practice standards

25 Mentoring Future Teachers Our students must – Know how to articulate and explain – not their impact on future students to grade IHE’s 5 years later, but rather now while they are in our clinical experiences

26 Complacency

27 Making Teaching and Teacher Education Public When educators are worried about – Competing against each other in a free market model Less embracing of – Diversity – Disability – Collaboration

28 Time to Stop Letting others fight our battles – Unions – Dean’s Denigrating – The structures that support our standards

29 Occupy Education True Costs Standardized tests Statisticians Curriculum alignment Not just salaries and benefits Flexibility does not mean quality or improvement of the product Retired school teacher Larry Witlen wears "On Wisconsin" on his shirt as he protests during an Occupy Wall Street gathering across from the Statehouse in Trenton, N.J. (

30 CCBD’s Roots Advocates 1961 vs. 2011

31 What Special Education has to offer Accountability Individual progress over time EBP

32 "Teaching in a regular public school," the Thernstroms write, "is a profession for saints, masochists, or low-aspiring civil servants....The country will need an estimated two million new teachers over the next decade, and the pool of saints and masochists is obviously extremely limited." ( No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning (Simon & Schuster, 2003)


34 References (1999). Institute of Medicine. To err is human. Building a safer health system. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, Kauffman, J. K. (2011). Toward a science of education: The battle between rogue and real science. Verona, WI, Full Court Press. Kauffman, J. K. (2010). The Tragicomedy of Public Education. Verona, WI, Full Court Press. Potter, C. (2011, October, 25). How does occupy Wall Street speak to a broken educational system? A manefesto. The Chronicle of Higher Education accessed education-system/?sid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en.

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