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Bonnie Cashin 1908-2000 (career: 1925-1985) A Presentation By Isela Peralta.

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1 Bonnie Cashin (career: ) A Presentation By Isela Peralta

2 Early Years Born in Fresno September 28, 1915 Mother was Dressmaker Father was Photographer/Inv entor

3 “Roxyettes”

4 "Mother of American Sportswear." Loose-Fitting Casual Designs “Articulate the Body” Several Layers Grommets Ponchos Built-In Purses “Dog-Leashes”


6 Grommets

7 Dog-Leashes Fall 1964 Turquoise suede and blue, turquoise, and green striped wool mohair Kept at Metropolitan Museum of Art

8 Built-In Purse 1954 Just the skirt Black-and-white houndstooth check wool Kept at Metropolitan Museum of Art (a gift from Bonnie Cashin herself)

9 Ponchos

10 ''We Live as We Please” 1960's New old stock Bonnie Cashin Jumpsuit in wool striped jersey

11 “Nine-Layer day”

12 Unusual Fabrics Mohair Suede Leather Tweed Jersey Wool

13 Spring Items

14 ''You've got to know when to let go'' Women Civilian Defense Uniforms Adler&Adler 1943 Hollywood Costumes (Claudia (1943), Laura (1944), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945), Anna and the King of Siam (1946), I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (1947), The Snake Pit (1948), and Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949)) 1950 Bonnie Cashin Designs 1953 Designs for Sills 1962 Designs for Coach 1970 “The Knittery” 1985 Retired

15 At the Time… The End of WWII Introduction of Dior’s “New Look” International relations reestablished High Fashion lives in Europe 1950 President Harry Truman 1953 President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1954 Racial Segregation is unconstitutional 1955 Rosa Park Explorer I goes into orbit

16 More Grommets

17 Sources Websites Ca-Fi/Cashin-Bonnie.html Ca-Fi/Cashin-Bonnie.html they-lived bonnie-cashin-b-1915-design-for- living.html?src=pm they-lived bonnie-cashin-b-1915-design-for- living.html?src=pm cashin-who-helped-introduce-sportswear-to-americans- is-dead-at-84.html?src=pm cashin-who-helped-introduce-sportswear-to-americans- is-dead-at-84.html?src=pm -cashin/ -cashin/ The Book Colquhoun, Keith; Wroe, Ann. Economist Book of Obituaries. 2008, p Images From search: Bonnie Cashin

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