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A Step Towards Better, Understandable Future. A Successful Professional AttitudeCareerStudies.

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1 A Step Towards Better, Understandable Future


3 A Successful Professional AttitudeCareerStudies

4 Agenda  Choosing Your Career Specialization Streams Job Winning Courses for the Streams How to Select an Appropriate Post  How to Study Study System at Superior Figuring Out Best Study Strategy The SQ3R Method

5 ? What do I want to be?

6 Reality Vs. Fantasy  Choosing Your Career Usually NOT a matter of a moment. Take your time, you’re not missing your bus!  Few Pointers Know Yourself! Find out the ‘Driving Forces’ ○ Interest Vs. Financial Benefits

7 Degree Production vs. Job Openings 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 Engineering Physical SciencesBiological Sciences Computer Science Ph.D. Master’s Bachelor’s Projected job openings Adapted from a presentation by John Sargent, Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Commerce, at the CRA Computing Research Summit, February 23, 2004. Original sources listed as National Science Foundation/Division of Science Resources Statistics; degree data from Department of Education/National Center for Education Statistics: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Completions Survey; and NSF/SRS; Survey of Earned Doctorates; and Projected Annual Average Job Openings derived from Department of Commerce (Office of Technology Policy) analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics 2002-2012 projections. See Sources:

8 Specialization Streams  IT – Information Technology web portals, artist forums, Requires Programming for developing such solutions  Networks & Telecom Mobile Phone Companies (Ufone etc), TRG Highly Paid, Involves Deep Understanding of Networks & Telecom Requires Programming for Network Communication and Protocol Development Research Labs  Computer Science CRULP, Research Labs, Passion for Research, Relatively Less Paid

9 Specialization Streams  Software Engineering Project Management, Architect, Process Management, etc. Requires Programming for Understanding the underlying work Research Activities, SERC  Artificial Intelligence Biometric Devices, Finger Print Recognition, OCRs Requires Programming for implementing those solutions Research Activities  Databases Amazon – Suggest Feature Requires Programming for implementing above those solutions Dataware Housing, Data Mining

10 Specialization Streams  Multimedia Audio, Video, Animation etc. Requires Programming for Understanding the underlying work Research Activities

11 Computer Science  What ‘CS’ is?  Major Courses Discrete Mathematics Algorithm Analysis & Design Principles of Programming Languages Theory of Computation & Compiler Construction Graph Theory  Careers Research Relatively few organizations

12 Information Technology  What ‘IT’ is?  Major Courses Introduction to IT Web Engineering / Web Programming Information System Data Mining & Warehousing Human Computer Interaction Technology Management  Careers Mostly Software Houses in Pakistan (especially in Lahore) are into IT. Dynamic Websites, Web Portals, Forums etc. Starting Salary Range: Up to 30K

13 Networks & Telecom  What are ‘Networks’ & ‘Telecom’ ?  Major Courses Computer Networks Data Communication Network Protocols and Standards Distributed systems Network security Wireless Networks  Careers VoIP Engineers, Software Engineers Net Centric Computing, Protocol Development Starting Salary Range: Up to 30K

14 Software Engineering  What ‘Software Engineering’ is?  Major Courses Software Engineering I Software Engineering II Requirements Engineering Software Quality Assurance Software Project Management Object Oriented Analysis & Design Software Architecture and Design Patterns  Careers Almost practiced in every organization (to different extent) Starting Salary Range: Up to 30K

15 Artificial Intelligence  What ‘AI’ is?  Major Courses Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks Fuzzy Logic Robotics Expert Systems Machine learning  Careers Biometrics, Robotics Research

16 Databases  What ‘Databases’ are?  Major Courses Database Management System Distributed Databases Data Mining Data-ware Housing  Careers DBA, Database Teams in Organizations Starting Salary Range: Up to 25K

17 Multimedia  What ‘Multimedia’ is?  Major Courses Introduction to Multimedia Signals & Systems Computer Graphics Computer Vision Image & Video Coding Digital Signal Processing  Careers Audio and Video Processing Video, Audio Codecs

18 Misc. Companies CompanySizeStarting SalaryTechnologiesWeb Site Techlogix500+25K-30K.NET, Java, Intag2520K-28K.NET, Java, Visual C++ CambrigeDocs80+25K-30K.NET, Javawww.cambridgedocs. com Innovative250+Around 25KJava, C++, YSMF2515K-20K.NET, Vopium40+15K-20K.NET, Java, C++ (Mobiles) Mobilink8000 Appox. 20KOracle Financial, SQL Server, Seibel, CRM Application m * As per Fall 2008

19 Misc. Companies CompanySizeStarting SalaryTechnologiesWeb Site Strategic Systems International 100 Appox. 30K – 33K.NET, C++, SQL Server, Oracle, Silverlight m Systems Ltd.1000+12K – 18K.NET, VB, Oracle, Biz Talk Server Ooober255k – Aptlogix1318KPHP, ASP.NET, Adobe AIR, XUL VahZay Pvt. Ltd.50+22k+PHP, Delphi, iPhone, Java,.NET NextBridge150+20K – 25KPHP, Cybersoft30+8K – 10K.NET, VB, pk * As per Fall 2008

20 How to Study?  Study System at Superior Semester System ○ Advantages Over Annual System Pace is less hectic Teaches you good time management Able to cover more subjects ○ Disadvantages Over Annual System Fresh students have a bit difficulty in adjusting to it Easy to feel overwhelmed No time for making up missed home works

21  Manage Your Time!  Whatever you do, Your education should come first!  Study is a full time job!  Group Study vs. Individual Study  Let’s Continue the Rest on the Handout

22 Ok, I’m too Smart I got Everything! Hey.. Wait !! We Missed Something! 

23 Organizations want better human beings not better technicians! Communication Skills

24  Communication Skills will Make You the Boss!

25 Thank You for Your Patience! Feel Free to Ask Questions (If any)?

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