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Issues facing the U.S..

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1 Issues facing the U.S.

2 Examples of Current Issues
Economy Healthcare Education Energy Environment Source:

3 Public Law

4 Constitutional Law Constitutional law deals with the formation, construction, and interpretation of constitutions. - This is concerned primarily with the limits on government’s power and rights to the individual.

5 Administrative Law Administrative law is the rules and regulations that the executive branch must make to carry out its job. -An example of this would be the FCC issuing an order for makers of cellular devices to place a safety device to block radiation waves emitted from the device.

6 Statutory Law Statutory law is something that we do not often think about but follow everyday. -Statutes are passed by the legislative branchs of government to regulate our behavior. (Example: traffic laws)

7 Two Party System Our two political parties often times have very different views on issues. As a result when making laws two things occur either the bill dies because there is no compromise made or there is a compromise. Compromise takes the best ideas from both parties point of view and melds them together.

8 How a Bill Becomes a Law In your notebook write the steps of turning a bill into a law. -Why is the process of creating a law so difficult? -In the idea of prudence do you think laws should be this hard to make or should they be harder to make? And now our feature presentation!

9 How a Bill Becomes a Law

10 Bill Becomes A Law Bill is Drafted Introduced in the House
Sent to Committee Committee Action Rules Committee Floor Action 7) Introduced in the Senate Committee Action Bill Called Up Floor Action Conference Committee Vote on Compromise Presidential Action Vote to Override (only if president vetoes)

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