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US Economic Imperialism

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1 US Economic Imperialism

2 Latin America Colonial Legacy Economy Grows Political Instability
Caudillos still asserted their power Power remained with the wealthy Economy Grows Depended on exports Railroads and refrigerators increased Latin American trade Still imported manufactured goods…remained unindustrialized!!!!

3 Don’t Do It The Monroe Doctrine Cuba declares Independence
No more colonizing or conquering Cuba declares Independence 1868 declared independence, fought Spain for ten years Jose Marti Writer who fought in favor of independence

4 Baa BOOOM!!! Spanish American War Lasted four months
Attacked the Philippines, Spanish collapsed 1901, Cuba became independent US set up a military government and controlled Cuban affairs Spain turned over Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines to the United States

5 Panama Canal Panama was a province of Columbia
US offered 10 million plus yearly fee to build a canal, Columbians wanted more US urged Panamanians to revolt, of course with US Naval help 10 mile wide zone was given to the US for helping Panama gain independence Panama Canal opened in 1914, crossroads to the world, US controlled the gate

6 Roosevelt US had many interests in Latin America
1904, Roosevelt Corollary Allowed the US to be an international police power in the west Faced tension and protest

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