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Chapter 7 Are there any fallacies in the reasoning?

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1 Chapter 7 Are there any fallacies in the reasoning?

2 1. The purpose of identifying fallacies is 10 discount or destroy someone’s argument b.sort out stronger arguments from weaker ones c.embarrass the author/speaker

3 2. Which is more important about reasoning fallacies? 10 a.understanding and using the process of locating them b. precisely naming and defining them

4 3. Attack ads against a political candidate in which their character is assassinated could be considered 15 a.mean populum hominem d. straw person

5 4. A reasoning fallacy that may keep one from making decisions and compromises in their personal life is 15 a.equivocation b.searching for a perfect solution c.wishful thinking d. none of the above

6 5. Which of the following reasoning fallacies is typically not used in TV commercials? 10 a.appeal to popularity b.appeal to emotions c.Red Herring d.glittering generalities

7 6. Fallacies serve to 10 a.distract by introducing that which is beside the point, such as explaining by naming b.distort by oversimplifying the point, such as a red herring c.both a and b d. neither a nor b

8 7. “Everybody’s doing it! = 10 populum b.slippery-slope c.faulty dilemma

9 8. Dropping out of this class because of failing one test is an example of which reasoning fallacy 10 a.appeal to questionable authority b.slippery slope c.either-or d.equivocation

10 9.The ad campaign “Do nothing” or “Fight global warming” is not an example of either- or/false dilemma. 1.True 2.False 10

11 10. “Begging the question” is 10 a.repeating the conclusion as your support for the conclusion b.humiliating c.always used by lawyers in jury trials

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