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Information Session 24/05/12 TY Co-Ordinator: Karen Keogh.

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1 Information Session 24/05/12 TY Co-Ordinator: Karen Keogh

2 Why we do what we do!  We believe every child is SMART – all smart in different ways.  TY is a good time to explore the different WAYS children are smart instead of focusing on measuring “HOW” smart children are in exams!  We believe in giving children an opportunity to explore the relevance of education to THEIR lives and balancing freedom and structure

3 Activity Based Learning is a key feature of TY

4 Flexible (Fun?) Learning Environments Create Students with Intrinsic Motivation to Succeed Expect High Standards and Active Participation Working in Groups Creative Problem Solving is Encouraged “Real World”

5 Leadership Conflict Resolution Co-operation Communication Skills

6 Recognise and Celebrate Valuable Skills Explore Immense Potential Contribution to Society


8 WORKING COLLABORATIVELY sparks curiosity inspire self - directed learning, build people skills Comfortable in own skin empathy responsibility

9 TY Programme A one year programme. Compulsory in Newtown Junior Cert. Leaving Cert. Maturity????

10 Introduction to TY 2012/2013 Welcome to parents of prospective “T.Y.ers” (Student lingo!)

11 LAYERS OF A TY PROGRAMME  Academic Core Subjects (mandatory and options)  Subject Sampling  Transition Specific activities  Calendar Layer

12 Core Subjects (mandatory)  English  Irish  Maths  History  Geography  Sciences  Computer studies

13 Core choices - Possibilities  Music  Business (Including Sage4schools)  Tech Graphics/ design based subject  Crafts/Art  French  Spanish  German

14 SUBJECT SAMPLING  Drama  Career Guidance  Relationships and Sexuality Education  Media Studies  Cook It  Film Studies  Career Preparation  Pilates  Current affairs  Lifesaving  Horticulture Fitness Food Hygiene Work Preparation Archaeology Dance (Ballroom and Agility) Latin Sports Psychology Food Studies First Aid

15 Transition Specific Activities Young Social Innovators Student Enterprise




19 Calendar Layer-Activity days/weeks  CPR training  Historical Tours  Cleaboy Enterprise Visit  Personal Safety at Sea   Barrow Trip

20 More Activities  Outdoor Pursuits  Kayaking  Surfing  Climbing and Archery  Orienteering  Team Challenges

21 Calendar Layer- Workshops   Glencree workshops  Spikeball / Irish Hockey Association  Drumming Workshop  Gold of the Desert Kings  Intergenerational Projects (Bealtaine & St Brigids FCC) (Best Foot Forward)

22 CALENDAR LAYER  Work experience placements  Nov 5 th  Jan 28th  April 29th (non Killary only)  May13th  Confirmation of Placement forms to be returned three weeks in advance of placement.  Mini Med/ RTE/Army limited availability and different dates ( apply through career guidance teacher)

23 TRIPS  Ploughing Championships  not exclusive to TY  September 25 th -27th in New Ross  Cost €20 (approx)

24 Barrow Kayaking Trip April/ May (one day tbc) Level 2 certificate required €60 approx


26 Culture / Art/ Walking Trip – Dingle Gaeltacht/ Caragh Lake ???  Possibly September 17 th to 21 st Date To be confirmed !  €400 Approx  (due August)

27 Killary Trip  29 th April- 3 rd May  Approx cost €400  (€100 deposit pre Christmas, remainder Jan)  Parents Please fill in Proposed Trip Feedback Sheet & return tonight if possible!!!!!

28 Personal Trips–Personal Choice Hope Trip Belarussian Orphanage Project  Not part of School TY Programme  Immersion programme  Visit Hope projects in Kolkata  Fund raising required  Not part of School TY Programme though some staff interest in co- ordinating project  Volunteer work in Novinki Orphanage in Belarus  Fund raising required University visits Individual Language Exchange programmes

29 Charity Collection Days  Happy Hearts  Alzheimer's  Holly Day  Simon  Daffodil Day  Lollipop Day

30 Extra curricular Presidents Award/Gaisce  Setting Targets  Personal Challenge  Community Involvement  Personal Skill  Physical Activity  Venture Activity

31 “Newstown” Media Programme  Extra curricular?????  Communicating  Researching  Writing Skills  Journalism  Team work  Meeting deadlines

32 Assessment  Aptitude Testing and Feedback  Class / Module self evaluation  Project/Assignment work  Peer and Teacher Assessment  Regular short Assignments  Mid-term report for new students (end of October)  External certification (over 20 certs in 2012)  Portfolios (new initiative)

33 New initiatives for Continue? Feedback Please!! Microsoft Office Specialist Microsoft Master  Word (Class taught)  Excel (self directed learning)  PowerPoint (self directed learning)  Access (self directed learning)  Outlook Express (self directed learning) FETAC Level 5  Word expert  Excel expert  Formal Qualification  Cost Element €50 Exam Fee

34 New initiatives for to be continued?  Waterford City council TY Art Programme  Samaritans “Student Listeners” Programme  Dance and Movement  Intergenerational and Inclusion Project  Formal Work Preparation Module

35 New initiatives for to be continued?  Sage Accounts Software: (as part of business studies) Ireland leading accounts software  Accreditation in computerised accounting software  Parental Involvement (suggestion welcome) e.g. Photography/ industrial park visits/film making workshops


37 Key to success in TY We need Your support and interest to make the programme work

38 A SUCCESSFUL TY - Advice for Parents  Ensure Continuous Attendance/ Planned Absences  Encourage Positive Participation in as many Activities as possible  Be Well Informed (blog/ letters/ children)  Support without spoon feeding! E.g. Work experience  Parental Communication (co-ordinator)  If in doubt check it out!!!

39 Communication  Standard Letters   Pupil newsletter  Student Reports (standard and modular)  Tutor system  TY BLOG (All relevant information/ forms posted here throughout the year) 

40 Parental and Community Involvement All Offers Considered!!  External Links and Resources  Mentoring and advice  Expressing interest and involvement and encouragement for students  Feedback about the Programme

41 What to Expect  A detailed letter with all the information regarding next years programme will be sent at the end of June  Questions 

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