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WCC to WCCUSD Bringing the Writer Coach Connection to El Cerrito Schools.

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1 WCC to WCCUSD Bringing the Writer Coach Connection to El Cerrito Schools

2 The Writer Coach Connection What is it? WCC promotes critical thinking and writing skills One-on-one coaching during class time Teacher-driven Trained coaches follow a very successful guidance model All coaches are volunteers Hugely successful

3 How does WCC work? Professional Development for faculty Teachers assign writing, usually bi-weekly Coaches receive comprehensive training and support Coaches meet in ½ hour sessions with students, usually bi-weekly WCC method insures continuity of support

4 WCC Effects Measurable 20% increase in writing proficiency after 1 year Proficiency increase across the board Truly differentiated Improves writing organization and revision Intangible Students feel supported in learning Improves confidence in academics Coaches build trust with students Teachers find more reward

5 WCC to WCCUSD Efforts to date – ECHS and Portola met with WCC staff – Rough drafts of program design made – Seed money identified Timeline – ECHS aims for a pilot program in Spring ‘11, and a 9 th grade-wide program by Fall ‘11 – Portola is currently indefinite, needs support

6 Goals Immediate – Obtain commitments to move this forward – Create a constituency to bring WCC to Portola By Fall 2010 – Recruit and Train 50 volunteers for ECHS pilot program, – Have a pilot design for Portola – Undertake Fundraising for full program By Spring 2011 – Implement as assess ECHS pilot – Do the same for Portola – Recruit and train 150 volunteers for ECHS full grade program, – Solicit $40-50k for 2011-12 program

7 Goals Cont’d By Fall 2011 – Implement program for full ECHS 9 th grade – Provide full grade program for either 7 th or 8 th at Portola – Institutionalize fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts By Fall 2012 – Expand program as resources allow

8 Community Support We need help with the following – Planning – Volunteer Recruitment/Training – Fundraising and sustainability Break out time….

9 Planning Group We Have – Significant support from ECHS Faculty and Administration – Seed money for the pilot program We need – several hundred person hours of planning and implementation support – Commitments and regular oversight meetings

10 Volunteer Group We have – Clear WCCUSD volunteer process – Clear recruitment targets for the pilot and full grade programs We need – Recruitment process and plan – People for follow through

11 Fundraising Group We have – Identified funds for the initial stages – Clear fundraising goal for full program We need – Identify potential sources – Commitments for follow through

12 So how’d it go? Report back – Planning – Volunteer – Fundraising Next Steps – Sign up for email group – Set rough follow-up meeting Spread the word – Bring in more people – Get excited!

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