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By Lilian Marchesoni

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1 By Lilian Marchesoni

2 Gibby doesn’t have a T-shirt. He has beige pants and a brown belt.

3 Carly has sunglasses. She doesn’t have earrings.

4 Daniel Radcliff doesn’t have a tie but he has a black blazer and a white shirt.

5 Lady Gaga has shoes but she doesn’t have pants.

6 Justin Bieber doesn’t have a sweater, but he has a purple cap.

7 Johnny Depp has a hat. He has a black T-shirt, he doesn’t have a sweater.

8 Kayky Brito doesn’t have a T-shirt and he doesn’t have shoes. He has blue shorts.

9  You can use these slides in many different ways. With my group I played a game. Here are the steps in case you want to play a game with your kids as well: 1.Divide the class into groups. Decide the order the groups will play. 2.Show the first slide to the first group. If the answer is correct, they can throw a dice. The number on the dice indicates the number of points they will get! 3.Show the second slide to the second group and so on.

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