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Review Reading Explorer Chapters 1 & 2. 1 2 7 5 6 8 10 3 11 4 9.

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1 Review Reading Explorer Chapters 1 & 2


3 Subjective or Objective??? a.1. They should get married. They’re such a cute couple. b.2. They have 4 kids. c.3. That restaurant’s food is superb. d.4. That movie we saw last night is excellent.

4 My classes were scheduled for too late in the day. I had a job, so there was a conflict. I needed to __________my schedule. a.conform b.alter c.devote d. uniform d. uniform

5 What are some new frontiers in the medical field? a) cloning b) stem cell research c) delivering babies d) vaccinations for measles

6 Teenagers like to __________to what their peers/friends are doing. a. inform b. uniform c. deform d. conform

7 Name two synonyms for evolve developimprove change

8 The teacher gave too much homework. Her tests were too hard. Her classes were too serious. The class was too ____________. a) much fun b) intense d) annoying c) amazing

9 What are two synonyms of uniform? a) too strict b) the same c) the opposite d) standard

10 a. Survey the teachers to see if they can teach everything they need to What kind of data would need to be gathered to decide if RV 5 classes should be longer than 1 hour? b. Survey the students to see if they feel that 1 hour is not long enough

11 What is the predominant problem with alcohol and drugs ? a)They can be too expensive. b)They can be addictive. c)They are too enjoyable. d)They are not available everywhere.


13 What is your teacher’s notion of the importance of vocabulary?

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