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Re-Expression con’t Chapter 10 Day 3 AP Statistics.

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1 Re-Expression con’t Chapter 10 Day 3 AP Statistics

2 Warm Up Time elapsed (hours) Concentration (Units/cc) Penicillin Assimilation a.Straighten these data using re- expression b.Use your model to estimate the concentration of penicillin after 8 hours


4 Brakes Speed (mph) Stopping Distances (ft) Explain why the linear model is not appropriate. 2.Re-express the data to straighten the scatterplot and give the re-expressed model. 3.Estimate stopping distance for a car traveling 55mph.

5 World Population YearPopulation (millions) a.Model (Scale the years) b.Use your model to predict population for 2005.

6 What have we learned? 1.Recognize when a well-chosen re- expression may help you improve and simplify your analysis 2.Understand the value of re-expression to improve symmetry, to make scatter about the line more constant, and to make a plot more linear 3.Recognize that when a pattern indicates that no re-expression can improve the structure of the data

7 4.Know how to re-express you data and how to use the calculator 5.Be able to reverse any common re- expressions to put a predicted value or residual back into the original units What have we learned?

8 6.Be able to describe a summary or display of a re-expressed variable making clear how it was re-expressed and giving its re-expressed units. 7.Be able to describe a regression model fit to re-expressed data in terms of the re-expressed variables What have we learned?

9 Classwork Book Page 243 # 29


11 Homework Page 241 # 24, 28, 30

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