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Multiplying Fractions

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1 Multiplying Fractions
By: Monaezha Henderson Renessa Williams Tiffany Pedescleaux

2 Multiplying Fractions
Multiplying Fractions is in many different kinds of ways. For example, You have to multiply the numerator first and then the denominator last so when using PowerPoint you figure out the fraction to the answer. When you have the same two numbers at the bottom you keep it as it is and then you multiply the numerator then you find out the answer. This shows that PowerPoint is this.

3 Multiplying Fractions
Multiplying fraction can be different from other fractions. When u multiply fraction you can multiply in different ways and when you multiply different fraction it can be fun but at the same time it can be really hard. And when multiplying fractions you may think that it can be confusing but all you have to do is look at the problem and solve it. And if you still don’t know how to do it then you are suppose to times the to bottom numbers and then after that you are suppose to times the to top numbers next so when you need help just multiply the to numbers so you can find the answer. So now you no how to solve a problem.

4 Multiplying Fractions
When you multiply you have to really think about how the problem is set UP.. BEAUSE SOME FRACTIONS CAN BE SET UP A CERTIN WAYS BUT THEN HAS TO BE WORKED OUT A DIFFERENT WAY!!!

5 STEP 1 First you have to times the two bottom numbers and then you have to find the answer to the two bottom numbers…..

6 Step 2 Step 2 then you have to times the two top numbers so that you can find you answer…..

7 Step 3 Step 3 next after you have times the bottom number and have found your answer to the bottom so then after you have times the two top numbers you now can find you answer…..

8 Step 4 step 4 next u can keep going on and on you can take the answer two fifths and multiply it again by one fifths ….

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