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Title: Oix Zuqc Taaih Dorng Jaa Nyei Jauv “Marriage Is Honorable”

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1 Title: Oix Zuqc Taaih Dorng Jaa Nyei Jauv “Marriage Is Honorable”
Valentine's Sunday 2-17, 2008 Title: Oix Zuqc Taaih Dorng Jaa Nyei Jauv “Marriage Is Honorable” With two weddings scheduled this year, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit some thoughts about the wonderful institution of marriage. Read Hebrews 13:4 Text: Hipv^lu 13:4 - Hebrews 13:4

2 “Dauh dauh oix zuqc taaih dorng jaa nyei leiz, kungx longc ganh nyei auv nqox juangc coux bueix weic zuqc Tin-Hungh oix dingc yietc zungv nziaauc sieqv nziaauc dorn hienx auv hienx nqox nyei mienh nyei zuiz.” “Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery.” Hipv^lu 13:4 – Hebrews 13:4

3 Biux Mengh Waac -Introduction
Naaiv douc Ging-Sou njaaux mbuo oix zuqc taaih ginx dorng jaa nyei leiz. Wuov nyungc mbuo oix zuqc hnangv haaix nor zoux bun cing gorngv mbuo benx taaih ginx dorng jaa nyei leiz? Yiem meih nyei maengc meih hnamv daaih meih duqv taaih ginx dorng jaa nyei leiz caux meih nyei cai-doix nyei fai? Ih hnoi yie oix bun meih hnamv taux i nyungc jauv, yiem meih nyei maengc jiex daaih nyei ziangh hoc meih duqv taaih jiex dorng Jaa nyei leiz nyei fai?

4 “Marriage Is Honorable”
Yietc dau dorn Aa^ndam caux yietc dauh sieqv Haa^waa gapv jienv DORNG JAA TDD. 2:21-24 E^fe^so 5:30 Taaih dorng jaa nyei Leiz se Ziepc Zuoqv Hnyouv bun mbuo nyei cai-doix taux daic Maa^laa^ki 2:14, 15 Lomaa 7:2, 3 “Marriage Is Honorable” (1) Taaih ginx cai-doix nyei jauv benx jaaix haic nyei jauv (2) Taaih auv taaih nqox nyei jauv se nqaeqv jienv buang-liouh nyei sic. (Hipv^lu 13:4) We wish to briefly define what these terms mean. When we speak of marriage we are speaking of one male being joined to one female. One would think that we would not have to define such, but since our country struggles with such a fundamental definition, we feel compelled to labor to define this institution. Not one male to one male; not one female to one female, not one male to two or more females, not one male to one beast, etc. God’s word defines marriage as such. [CLICK] Read scriptures, note “two” in Ephesians 5:30. [CLICK] marriage obviously involves a joining or taking of another but in the bond of commitment and covenant. [CLICK] Read scriptures and note “covenant” and “bound.” [CLICK] Marriage is also “honorable,” see (next chart).

5 1. Which is Honorable in the Bible?
Laanh hnamv laanh Hnamv - Love one anther. Laanh taaih laanh – Respect one another. Laanh tongx nimc laanh – Honor one another. Laanh zoux longx bun laanh – Do good to one another Laanh caux laanh horpc fim dongh eix nyei yiem Live in unity with one another Laanh guangc laanh zoux dorngc nyei sic – Forgive one another. Hnamv mienh hnangv hnamv ganh nor – Love other as loving yourself. Whereas all other institutions were ordained outside of paradise, marriage was given by God to man in Eden! The fact that God gave it and solemnized the first couple into holy matrimony shows the honorableness of marriage. [CLICK through] Greek word for "honorable" is translated "precious." Read passages in Peter.

6 “Yietc dauh mienh ganh yiem hnangv se maiv horpc ” (Gen. 2:18)
“Dauh dauh oix zuqc taaih dorng jaa nyei leiz, kungx longc ganh nyei auv nqox juangc coux bueix weic zuqc Tin-Hungh oix dingc yietc zungv nziaauc sieqv nziaauc dorn hienx auv hienx nqox nyei mienh nyei zuiz.” (Hipv^lu 13:4) Dauh Dauh Oix Zuqc Taaih Dorng Jaa Nyei Leiz. Tin-Hungh maiv bun haaix dauh dorng jaa daaih aengx guangc, aengx dorng jaa, aengx guangc, aengx dorng jaa lo haaix (Matv^taai 19:9). “Yietc dauh mienh ganh yiem hnangv se maiv horpc ” (Gen. 2:18) “Weic zaangv cing-nzengc nyei jauv cingx daaih dauh dauh m’jangc dorn caux dauh dauh m’sieqv dorn cingx daaih oix zuqc maaih ninh mbuo ganh nyei auv, ninh mbuo ganh nyei nqox ” (1 Ko^lin^to 7:2) [CLICK THROUGH] Regarding Genesis 2:18. Is not the “goodness” of marriage seen in the fact that God, after every day He created spoke it as "good." Yet on the last day of creation, after He made man, He spoke that “it was not good that man should be alone.” Such shows the exalted status of marriage and of woman. She, in her work, is a helper in making man good. She of course has the power to often make him miserable and bitter. But her primary goal of being created was to be a helper for the man and it was only after she was created from Adam’s side that God pronounced the sixth day good. Thus, the lessons should be observed that the ideal state of a man or woman is not in separation, but in marriage. . . .there are good reasons for some to stay single and for some to remain unmarried. However a celibate lifestyle should be viewed as an exception rather than a rule for humanity. Any teaching that leads men and women to believe that marriage is a ball and chain relationship where independence and fun is sacrificed is a doctrine that insults the wisdom of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Any doctrine that would replace or substitute the family unit as one man to one wife is a dangerous and destructive idea and criminal in the effect to a civilization. You cannot improve on what God does and nothing is more beneficial for children than having a father and mother. Nothing is more beneficial for a man than to have a godly wife and nothing is more beneficial for any daughter of Eve than to have a godly husband and a house blessed with children as intimated in 1 Tim. 2:15

““Dauh dauh oix zuqc taaih dorng jaa nyei leiz, kungx longc ganh nyei auv nqox juangc coux bueix weic zuqc Tin-Hungh oix dingc yietc zungv nziaauc sieqv nziaauc dorn hienx auv hienx nqox nyei mienh nyei zuiz.” (Hipv^lu 13:4) Cai-doix nyei Coux Maiv Haih Zoux Laih Hlopv: Nziaauc sieqv nziaauc nyei jauv oix zuqc dingc zuiz. Hienx auv hienx nqox nyei jauv oix zuqc dingc zuiz. Maiv gunv meih benx dorng jaa nyei mienh fai maiv zeiz. IT DOES MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE MARRIED OR NOT!

1. Weic Douc Longx Nyei Buonv Yiem Lungh Ndiev a. Tin-Hungh zeix mienh benx namh caux nyuoz (TDD. 1:27) b. Tin-Hungh buang waac bun hiaangx (TDD. 1:28) c. Tin-Hungh lorz hnamv Tin-Hungh nyei cai-doix (Maa^laa^ki 2:15) D. Njaaux fu’jueiv gan ninh horpc zuqc yangh nyei jauv. Zuov ninh hlo daaih, ninh ziouc maiv leih nqoi (Congh Mengh Waac 22:6) God did not create male and male or female and female. "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it" (Prov. 22:6)

1. Weic Nqaeqv Jienv Hienx Nyei Jauv “Mv baac weic zuqc maaih hienx nyei sic camv, dauh dauh m'jangc dorn cingx daaih oix zuqc maaih ninh ganh nyei auv. Dauh dauh m'sieqv dorn oix zuqc maaih ninh ganh nyei nqox.” 1 Ko^lin^to 7:2) Fornicators and adulterers can bear children, BUT, it violates God’s moral code! IT DOES MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE MARRIED OR NOT! remedy against the challenges of loneliness Genesis 2:18

10 Caux Haaix Dauh Dorng Jaa? Marry Who?
Maiv zeiz caux cien-ceqv. Not a close relative “Haaix dauh maiv dungx mingh caux juangc nziaamv-fei nyei cien-ceqv bueix. Yie se Ziouv” (Lewi 18:6) “None of you shall approach anyone who is near of kin to him, to uncover his nakedness: I am the LORD” (Lev. 18:6)

11 “Naaiv deix se dongh zuqc zioux nyei naamh nyuoz” (Eph. 2:3, NKJV)
Maaih I Setv Mienh Dorng Jaa Yiem Naaiv Seix Maengc. Two Kinds of People to Marry in this Life: Tin-Hungh nye naamh nyuoz Duqv fuqv nyei naamh nyuoz Saa^daan nyei naamh nyuoz Duqv zioux nyei naamh nyuoz “Hnangv naaiv mbuo haih hiuv duqv haaix dauh zoux Tin-Hungh nyei naamh nyouz, haaix dauh zoux mienv nyei hungh nyei naamh nyouz. Haaix dauh maiv zoux horpc fai maiv hnamv ninh nyei gorx-youz, wuov dauh se maiv zeiz Tin-Hungh nyei naamh nyouz aqv.” Yo^han 3:10 – 1 John 3:10 “Mbuo se dongh Tin-Hungh laengz waac bun nyei naamh nyuoz (Gal. 4:28, NKJV) “Naaiv deix se dongh zuqc zioux nyei naamh nyuoz” (Eph. 2:3, NKJV)

12 Maaih I Setv Mienh Dorng Jaa Yiem Naaiv Lungh Ndiev Two Kinds of People to Marry in this World:
Tin-Hungh Nyei Dorn Yiem Njang Nyei Dorn Hiuang Orqv Nyei Dorn Yiem Hmuangx Nyei Dorn “Ndeic se naaiv baamh gen. Mbiauh nyim se Tin-Hungh nyei guoqv nyei baeqc fingx. Haih laengc mienh wuov nyungc mbiauh nyim se hiuang orqv wuov dauh nyei baeqc fingx. ” (Matv^taai 13:38) “Meih mbuo yietc zungv zoux yiem njang nyei mienh yaac guei lungh hnoi zanc. Mbuo maiv zeiz guei lungh muonz zanc fai zoux yiem hmuangx nyei mienh.” (1 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 5:5)

13 Who Do You Want Raising And Disciplining Your Children?
Maaih I Setv Mienh Dorng Jaa Yiem Naaiv Norm Lungh Ndiev. Two Kinds of People to Marry in this Life: Muangx Waac Nyei Dorn Maiv Muangx Waac Nyei Dorn “Meih mbuo zoux muangx Tin-Hungh nyei waac nyei naamh nyouz. Maiv dungx ei jienv meih mbuo nyei hnyouv hanc zoux hnangv zinh ndaangc meih mbuo maiv gaengh hiuv wuov zanc zoux nyei nor.” (1 Bide 1:14 ) “Maiv dungx bun haaix dauh longc kungx-waac nduov meih mbuo. Se laaix naaiv nyungc sic Tin-Hungh nouz haic maiv muangx ninh nyei waac wuov deix mienh.” (E^fe^so 5:6) Who Do You Want Raising And Disciplining Your Children?

Who Can You Marry To? Haaix dauh maaih sing-wuonh longx? (Prov. 22:1) Haaix dauh maaih congh mengh? (Prov. 31:26) Haaix dauh nzueic jiex? (Gen. 12:11; 26:7) AND STILL BE TRIED AND TROUBLED! Mbuo Yiem Zuiz Caux Zuqc Zioux Nyei Lungh Ndiev! Zuiz Zoux Bun Nyungc-Nyungc Longx Nyei Jauv Waaic Nzengc. BIANGH NZUEIC NYEI, YAAC NDAANG NYEI, MV BAAC MAAIH NJIMV NYEI. THE ROSE STILL SMELLS SWEET BUT HAS THORNS. AND STILL BE TRIED. . . [CLICK] Sin has corrupted this world. We are a fallen people. [CLICK X3] why dream of a faultless person to marry? You are dreaming of one who is not there. You are dreaming of someone you are not (Rom. 3:23). Seek a person who has been forgiven by God and is willing to forgive. Commitment must be a part of the equation. A person who is forgiven is a person committed to doing right. He will be committed to your marriage when you fail and you likewise to him.

15 Some Final Considerations:
Bun meih nyei fiem-fingx caux zoux nyei sic hinc cuotv daaih benx hnamv nyei jauv yiem meih nyei cai-doix gu’nyuoz. Let the attitude and actions in your marriage be done in love: Cing-nzengc, ciev ziec, caux maaih noic nyei jauv. Holy, sacrificial and enduring. Hnangv Yesu caux Jiu Baang nor, Nqox oix hnamv ganh nyei auv hnangv Giduc hnamv Jiu Baang nor, yaac weic jiu baang siev ninh ganh nyei maengc. As Jesus to the church, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her” (Eph. 5:25)

16 Some Final Considerations:
Tongx Nimc Auv Nyei Jauv. Honor the wife “Meih mbuo zoux nqox nyei mienh yaac oix zuqc fih hnangv nyei hiuv duqv korh lienh ganh nyei auv, weic zuqc m'sieqv dorn gauh mau m'jangc dorn. Yaac oix zuqc taaih auv weic zuqc ninh mbuo caux meih mbuo fih hnangv nyei duqv Tin-Hungh ceix bun nyei en, se duqv nzipc yietc liuz nyei maengc. Oix zuqc hnangv naaiv nor zoux weic maiv bun haaix nyungc laanh meih mbuo daux gaux nyei waac.” (1 Bide 3:7) “Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered” (1 Pet. 3:7)

17 Some Final Considerations:
Nqox zoux m’nqorngv. The husband as head “23 Weic zuqc nqox zoux auv nyei m'nqorngv hnangv Giduc zoux jiu-baang nyei m'nqorngv wuov nor. Jiu-baang zoux Giduc nyei sin, Giduc yaac zoux jiu-baang nyei Njoux Ziouv. ” (E^fe^so 5:23) “Mv baac yie oix meih mbuo hiuv duqv, Giduc zoux dauh dauh m'jangc dorn nyei m'nqorngv. Nqox yaac zoux auv nyei m'nqorngv, Tin-Hungh yaac zoux Giduc nyei m'nqorngv. ” ( 1 Ko^lin^to 11:3 ) Keep the Husband as Head

18 Nqox Se Zoux Biauv-Ziouv Husband/Headship
“Oix zuqc zoux ziangx ga'nyiec nyei gong ndaangc, ndaangc, liuc leiz ziangx meih nyei lingh deic, nqa’haav cingx daaih gomv biauv.” (Congh Mengh 24:27). “Prepare your outside work, Make it fit for yourself in the field; And afterward build your house” (Proverbs 24:27, NKJV). First prepare your outside work. . .make sure you can support a family then build your house! Da’yietv oix zuqc zoux ga’nyiec nyei gong….weic lorz nyanc ziux goux hmuangv doic nyei jauv, liuz ziouc gomv meih mbuo nyei biauv!

19 Some Final Considerations:
Subject to the husband’s rule “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord” (Eph. 5:22, NKJV). Auv, oix zuqc mbuoqc ganh nyei nqox, hnangv mbuoqc Ziouv nor.” (E^fe^so 5:22). A woman should submit to her husband fundamentally because of her respect for Christ. M’sieqv dorn oix zuqc mbuoqc nqox, zoux weic zuqc ninh se benx taaih Giduc nyei mienh. But cannot submit when husband forbids what Jesus commands or commands what Jesus forbids. Mv baac maiv haih mbuoqc se gorngv nqox maiv bun mbuo muangx Yesu nyei lingc fai Ziouv Yesu heuc mbuo zoux nyei jauv.

20 Some Final Considerations:
Mbuoqc Nqox Nyei Nyungc Zeiv Se Hnangv: “Zinh ndaangc gan longx Tin-Hungh, sienx kaux ninh wuov deix m'sieqv dorn hnangv naaiv nor zorng nzueic. Ninh mbuo mbuoqc ganh nyei nqox gunv, hnangv Saalaa muangx Apc^laa^ham nor, heuc Apc^laa^ham zoux ninh nyei ziouv. Se gorngv meih mbuo zoux horpc yaac maiv gamh nziex haaix nyungc, meih mbuo ziouc zoux ninh nyei sieqv.” (1 Bide 3:5-6) “For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord. . .” (1 Peter 3:5- 6, NKJV) Women often fail to realize the kind of life they could have if they would give a heavy dose of respect and submission to their husband. It is only natural for him to do all that he can do for her. More often than not, he will die living his life to make his wife's life the best that it can be. But when he is beat up at work and in a battlefield at home, his drive to succeed waines his love for his wife may eventually turn bitter cold. Further, churches are made stronger by women who submit and respect their husbands. In doing so, she is not only helping man, but is also a helper to the church. What church do you think will be stronger. . .one that is made up of bitter married people or one where the husband has the kind of love for his wife that Christ does for the church and where wives truly respect their husbands?

21 ของเจ้า ดื่มน้ำไหลจากบ่อของเจ้าเอง.”
Setv Mueiz Waac - Conclusion “Meih oix zuqc hopv ganh nyei wuom-kuotv nyei wuom, hopv ganh nyei wuom-kuotv mbeux cuotv nyei wuom.” “จงดื่มน้ำจากถังเก็บน้ำ ของเจ้า ดื่มน้ำไหลจากบ่อของเจ้าเอง.” “Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.” Proverbs 5:15 – Congh Mengh 5:15

22 ออกไปนอกบ้าน และให้ธารน้ำนั้นไหลไปตาม
Meih nyei wuom-zingv mienz cuotv ga’nyiec, meih nyei ndoqv liouc njiec jaai-horngc se se horpc nyei fai? จงให้น้ำพุของเจ้ไหลเพรื่อ ออกไปนอกบ้าน และให้ธารน้ำนั้นไหลไปตาม ถนน. Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Proverbs 5:16 – Congh Mengh 5:16

23 ผู้เดียวและมิใช่สำหรับคนแปลกหน้าด้วย.
Kungx oix zuqc weic meih ganh nduqc laanh hnangv, maiv dungx bun ga'nyiec nyei mienh juangc jienv longc. จงให้มันเป็นของเจ้าแต่ ผู้เดียวและมิใช่สำหรับคนแปลกหน้าด้วย. Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers. (Proverbs 5:17 – Congh Mengh 5:17)

24 Tov bun meih nyei wuom-zingv duqv fuqv,
yaac a'hneiv meih lunx nyei ziangh hoc duqv daaih nyei auv จงให้น้ำพุของเจ้าได้รับพร และเปรมปรีดิ์อยู่กับภรรยาคนที่เจ้าได้เมื่อหนุ่มนั้น. May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the the wife of your youth. Proverbs 5:18 – Congh Mengh 5:18

25 หญิงชั่วทำไมเล่า และโอบกอดอกของนางสัญจรอยู่
“Yie nyei dorn aah! Meih fungc oix zuqc bun Hienx nqox nyei auv wakv meih? Meih weic haaix diuc qam jienv ganh dauh mienh nyei auv?” “บุตรชายของเราเอ๋ย เจ้าจะเคลิบเคลิ้มอยู่กับ หญิงชั่วทำไมเล่า และโอบกอดอกของนางสัญจรอยู่ ทำไม. Why be captivated, my son, by an adulteress? Why embrace the bosom of another man’s wife? (Proverbs 5:20 – Congh Mengh 5:20)

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